mailman calling..

Happy Monday lovelies,
Hope your weekend was fun and creative.  I haven't been able to start on the second quilt for the twins, since I've run out of paper backed web, but it's Monday!!hooray!!! and I'll be going downtown shortly to get me some.  But I've managed to make some progress on a baby fabric book.  

other than that, I've mentioned yesterday in my post that I've managed to finish one quilt out of three. Well a few days ago, we had a new addition in our family.  I'm an auntie again, to a beautiful/sweetie/cutie (that's what they've told me/I haven't managed to visit them yet!!) newborn niece!! My mom asked me if I could make her a baby quilt! I couldn't resist the idea, so we searched for fabrics and then we saw them! The new storey book II fabric line by Birch Modern fabrics.  It was love at first sight! and a few days later mailman calling! {the most precious little note, that says you have to pick up a package from the post}!

Look at them! Arent' they gorgeous? How on earth am I gonna cut them up? I just want to piece them together and hang them on my living room! But, instead I'll be making by Sea quilt, which as you probably have already seen it before {cause it's everywhere these days}, involves a lot of curve piecing! boy oh!boy am I scared that I'm gonna ruin these beautiful fabrics.  If you have any tips, tuts, videos, you'd like to suggest, please please please feel free to add them to your comments.  

oh well,it's almost 8! I'd better get ready to get me some web!

Happy Monday sweeties!

till later:D


  1. Hi Eleni! Oh beautiful fabrics and that new pattern looks great! We have here clouds! Seems to be a lovely day! Happy week to you! x Teje

  2. ... forgot to ask, whereyou ordered your fabrics (is it in Europe)? teje

  3. It seems wonderful! Awesome fabrics!


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