Sunday, August 19, 2012

one quilt ready..two more to go

happy Sunday lovelies:D

What have you been doing? We unfortunately returned from our one-day trip on Thursday early in the morning.  August is vacations month for Greeks! The city is literally empty! parking places everywhere, but also closed till... signs everywhere! It sucks!! I've run out of paper backed web and there is only one place that carries it..and it'll open on Monday! Which means that I can't get on with the other quilt! Just gonna have to wait till tomorrow!! Anyways.. let's go back on Wednesday! we had our first swim (it was awesome!!), we did make pesto potatoes with eggs (forgot to take pictures!silly me!!), but I didn't forget to take pictures of the first quilt for the twins.  So here it goes...bare with me, there will be a lot of pics! Kinda took advantage of the beautiful scenery:D


The last pics were taken in the apple trees garden!! the trees are bursting with fruits I'm telling you! Their branches are so full! unfortunately we couldn't get any cause they are still raw, we just have to wait a few weeks...fact which means that all kind of insects will get them first:( ohhh! we had such a relaxed time over parents are so lucky to be living in such a wonderful place..maybe someday!

have to go for now...and go make a fabric book for little Olivia who is 4 months old and lives in Texas.

happy Sunday whatever you do:D


  1. Omg it's beautiful!! Your FMQ is awesome! I cant wait to see the other one! You are so patient! My sister has been asking me to make one for my nephew for a long time and I haven't :-/ I'm so bad! Miss you girly!

  2. Your photos are amazing, so is your quilt! Where do you buy your fabrics from?

  3. what a beautiful setting to take quilt photos in ,to bad you couldn't pick the apples . your quilting is perfect , is it a whole cloth or applique? never the less is it beautiful , I am happy to hear you enjoyed your day. theodora

  4. It's silly me again I took a look up close and saw your stitching you appliqued it ,what work you put it to it and the design is so lovely ,I hope to meet you one day to see your work I am an admirer . xoxo theodora


  6. your quilt is amazing!! I love your photos too! I came over from the JAQ link up. Would like to invite you over to my craft/recipe party going on now. I've been hosting recipes for over a year and crafts for just a few weeks, so we are gathering momentum, would love to have you a part of it!

  7. This is so beautiful, I love all the appliqué and the FMQ is amazing

  8. what a lovely quilt. I think I have just fallen in love with it, Eleni! We are featuring this at the party, by the way! ^^)


  9. good-looking author pattern web page


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