Friday, April 18, 2014

A week of Peppa & fresh love

Happy Friday sweeties!

It's official I'm on a 5-days mini Easter break from my day job!!woot!!woot!! How will I kill all this free time!!!?? sewing? relaxing? partial spring cleaning? visiting my folks? One thing's for sure! There's some heavy sewing in the horizon.  Have to start another "the dog in the air" baby quilt & Hugo's first book for a little guy in Germany.  Fabrics have arrived so no more waiting! It's time to cut, fuse and sew sew sew!!
This week was all about Peppa pig & some fresh love.  I've been asked to make a Peppa doll as an Easter lampada (the tradition here in Greece, goes like this, everyone in the church holds a candle in order to get the Holy Light when the Resurrection takes place, so the lampada is actually the Easter candle).  I had never seen Peppa before, and I was happily surprised when I watched a 5-min episode of Peppa, since I knew that kids these days watch a bunch of crap (I grew up watching Sport Billy, Candy Candy, Nils Holgersson and his amazing adventures , I do hope they ring a bell all these children programs).  Anyways, here's my version of Peppa (she's a little fairy pig!!!). I have attached a set of wings on her back, but I didn't manage to get a decent photo of them!dah!!you know me and my photos!!! 

I hope that she'll be loved and taken good care cause she's just a little fragile Fairy!!! Other than that, I was asked to make a pillow for a fresh young couple in love.  And here's my interpretation of a fresh love! You're the thief of my heart!!! A cute little throw pillow filled with embroidery and applique love! 

My embroidery skills after so many projects still are at their lowest but I'm not giving up! Someday I'll stitch so straight I won't believe it!! hahhaha!!! 
Anyway, I'm wishing you all a Happy Easter!! Lots and lots of good times and laughter!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ohhhh paper piecing...or I need your help!!!!

Hello lovelies, happy Wednesday!!! It's been so long since my last post I can't even remember when was the last time! That's not a good thing of course, and it means that I'm not consistent to my word, which was I would post more often, and more wips.  And now here I am posting about my latest wip for which I'm sew sew excited! 
A good friend of mine is giving birth to a baby boy in less than a month! She had asked for a quilt of course with two pillows for the baby's crib.  Now, I'm not yet sure about the pillows but we HAVE decided on the quilt.  Remember a long time ago, I've told you about this amazing book from Ayumi Patchwork please.  Well, a lovely quilt was featured in the book, all about paper piecing. 
After a long search we have narrowed our fabric choices to two basic colors, grey-ish and aqua-ish.  And after a second long search we have narrowed down the fabric search to this lovely mood board.  I have made a few combinations, but she sticks to the grey-ish shades, which is fine by me of course. She has rejected the last combinations from both lines.  So I kinda need your help on this. Which one would you go for.  But let me explain how this combinations work.  A is for basic border (yellow in the picture), B is the solid color between the blocks, (dahhh), C is the the border of each block, D is the binding fabric and last but not least E is the backing fabric.  Also, I decided to make a small change, instead of 48*48in, I'm going with a more bed-ish look, and hopefully it's gonna end at 40*60in, if my calculations are correct.   
  And yesterday, I decided to stitch up a sample block, to check the technique and all, and I fell in love! I want to fill up all the beds/walls/pillows everything with this lovely pattern. And here's the little block.  
Isn't it the cutest EVER??? Ohhh paper piecing how do I love you!!! So please in order to start and place my orders, I need your help!! pretty please!!!

Hope you have a great creative day :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

time to start a new quilt and some finishes

Happy Tuesday lovelies <3<3

It's been a while since my last post, procrastination has seriously kicked in... but since some new fabrics have just arrived (happy dance!!!), I thought I might share with you a new start.  
So, a loved one is expecting a baby, and actually she's due next month, so I better hurry on this one, and I thought what a better way to express my love than with a lovely baby quilt.  
The theme is extremely nautical, and the color scheme is white/aqua/blue.... in love. The basic idea is to make this pillow
into a crib size quilt.  The difference is that the sea is going to be pieced while in this pillow was appliqué.
And now time for the fabrics... in pure love...

I have already prepared the binding which is a lovely Riley Blake fabric, and it's time to cut into these cuties... Sew excited! I'm already thinking of how to quilt it, but there's still time for this.

On another note, I've made two custom photo album sleeves of two Christenings.  The one's theme was a little owl, and the other one's was a boat.  And here they are..a very simple boat in the sea and Charlie the owl.

Very simple but very loved themes both of them.  

And now I'm off to go cut some fabrics.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday things I love {The Etsy Greek Street team version}

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!!

today was the first day at work since last felt like all the Mondays of the world came to stay in the office. Rough day, but now back at home with a new treasury featuring fellow artists of the team I'm proud to be a part of.  Etsy Greek Street Team is a group of such talented artists, but you'll see for yourself.

I'm in love with every single item of this treasury! Aren't you?

Enjoy the rest of the day, and soon I'll be posting all about the new triangle quilt. Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

triangles on a Sunday morning {wip}

The holidays are officially over...(sigh) and I kinda got back to my usual routine. Tomorrow it's bank holiday and by Tuesday will be going back to work!!!! I can't believe how these few days have passed so quickly.  It's been really hard the past (at least) 6 months to keep up with everything..and I kinda left out my little blog (sigh again). Part of my New Year's resolution list is to keep up with the blog, and maybe post about wips and not just finished projects.  I can't promise anything but I least I can try.  So with all that being's the first wip of 2014.  
A really good friend of mine is expecting his little baby girl in a month.  And I thought that a baby stroller quilt would be more than appropriate.  My stash though is running really low after the burst of the Holidays orders, and I thought that I should give triangles a chance (again).  I've tried piecing triangles before.  I had cut back in July almost 600 triangles for my own quilt. I managed to sew I think 3 triangles together and left them aside as a lovely UFO for when I'd have the time. So, I thought that a little quilt would be a good practice for the bigger project. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. Needless to say that I was so anxious about the points of the triangles and if the seams would match. And my biggest surprise at the end was that they did, except two or three that didn't. But overall I'm really happy.  This will be a small quilt ideal for stroller or napping. Dimensions are 25*30in. I'm off to make my scrappy binding and quilt it with straight lines that will be running 1/2in outside each triangle.  We'll see how it i'll look at the end. 

I'm wishing you a Happy Sunday whatever you'll be doing.

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