Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday things I love {the wonderland edition}

Happy Tuesday lovelies :) 
It's so dark outside, it feels like the sky is going to fall on our heads.  Ohhh...this is not the fresh start I wanted, I've asked for crispier air, and cardigans in the afternoon, and bright days but not such a moody weather.  In times like these, all I want is to get lost into a magical world, into a wonderland. Where magic happens every single day, and all bad things get lost just like that! Don't you feel like this sometimes? 

I got featured today, with my Alice in wonderland pillow, in a such a lovely treasury my heart breaks. It fits like a glove with my mood.  I just adore every single item of this treasury. Don't you? You can check it out here

welcome to wonderland
On another note, my "sweet dreams" triangle quilt is coming along day by day.  I've decided to sew at least one row per day. So hopefully by next week, I'll have all rows finished and ready to piece together.  Let's hope that my seams will nest nicely! Also, I'm working on another "ms. Simone and her friends" baby crib size quilt, but I've run out of cotton thread, and the shop in my neighborhood is OOS! Come on!! who runs out of stock of plain white thread! Someone is seriously joking! And also decided to give the economy block a try.  I've been seeing blocks on IG for so long and wanted to make one.  And now I did, and I have to admit that it's such a fun and easy block to make.  It's perfect for fussy cutting, and you can make a good use of your precious scraps.  Next project calling! Christmas patchwork pillow!!!

Oh well, tomorrow I'll show you all about my new baby fabric book! Stay tuned :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

So I've blogged & a Happy Fall!!

how long has it been? 2,3 or 4 months since I've last blogged? Wow! now that's what I call time flies, right? I have so many things I want to share with you, but I just can't find the time or the will (if you like) to sit down and write a few words.  It's been a really rough summer round these (and more specifically mine) parts of the world. Bad things have happened, and the most important is my boyfriend's serious motorcycle accident.  Happened on the National Quilt day (a few weeks after the accident we were joking (crazy) that he had been pieced again and stitched like a quilt! in honor of National quilt day!!), but the good thing is that he managed to avoid a shoulder surgery, and now good things (hopefully--I'm a scorpio don't mind me) can only come our way!and now that Fall is here it really does feel like a fresh start! I feel like an enthusiastic first grader here! My mind is constantly on what to make next, orders keep coming in and I can't tell you how excited I am.  Annnddd, after I think it's two years, I finally sat down to start piecing my Sweet dreams queen size quilt! Yes, it's finally coming together.  Each row has 25 triangles, I'm still in row 5, and have a long way to go, but I can't tell you how happy I am, that I managed to start a project for us and our home!!!I haven't even pieced two rows, and I'm already thinking of how I'm going to quilt it and manage all this weight! I'm thinking plain straight lines, but it's too early, but I would die for your opinion too! What do you think? How should I quilt it?   

On a whole different note, I'm sewing like crazy to start preparing the shop for the Holidays! It's the first time I'm thinking so seriously on what I'm going to make and planning ahead. Fabrics and wool felt are coming in just in time, for new projects to be made. I've also treated myself with a little gift of love with the first issue of Quilt Now which is such a cute magazine filled with quilt projects to die for! 

 And speaking of new projects here's a lovely set of embroidery hoops I made, that are ready to be hang to a baby's nursery room (for a girl of course! I'm a sucker for little girls me).  The theme of the hoops is from my favorite Fairy Tale LIttle Red Riding Hood! And its style is so whimsical and fun, I just love it! 

I've used my favorite fabric lines for the background of the hoops and some great quality wool felt for the characters. I think this set would make a great Christmas gift for a little girl, don't you think?

So, how was your summer, what did you make! I'd love to catch up with you lovelies! It's been a really long time, and I feel like I've missed so many wonderful things and makes! Do share! 

I'm wishing everyone a Happy week and a creative fresh start of Fall with some Autumn Essentials.  You can download and frame this lovely Artwork print by Jones Design Company. Found it on pinterest and thought I should definitely share it with my lovelies. 

So Happy Fall lovelies!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The making of a baby quilt..

Happy Saturday my lovelies,
since it's been so long since my last wip post, I thought I should take a break from quilting and share with you the making of the dog in the air baby quilt.  

It all starts with fusing and cutting all the applique pieces, the dog,clouds, and the balloons.

Then it's time to sew all pieces to your background fabric. I choose to use a "blanket stitch" to avoid any fraying of the applique pieces. It might me a waste of thread, but it's surely a safer choice. 

After you have secured all applique pieces with a blanket stitch it's time to make the dog fur, add the eyes and nose.  Change the foot of your sewing machine into a darning/quilting foot, drop your feed dogs, and start outlining the dog figure with small zig zag stitches with black thread.  When you're finished, start basting your quilt.

After you've done all that, it's to quilt the quilt. Choose a quilting pattern, mine is clouds since the dog is hanging literally in the air.

Take a break to relax your shoulders, to write a post, and maybe just maybe when you get back to your sewing machine, maybe your cat is waiting there throwing you a glove telling you to stop slacking and get some quilting done.

Now we're half way there.. Continue quilting and stay tuned...

To be continued....

What lovely things are you creating this weekend?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quilts to love and cuddle

Ohh Happy May!! Gosh how does time flies, from making Christmas ornaments already to May!! Baby quilts were a huge part of these past sewing months.  From a first attempt on triangle quilting to adorable applique ones.  I had posted some time ago about a little triangle stroller quilt for a dear friend.

Please don't mind these ugly pics, they were taken on a January afternoon under some really hard light. But still you can see my puckers in the backing! Oh well! what can I say, nobody is perfect! 
From triangles on to applique ones.  I had been asked to make a dog in the air quilt but I had to make it with a Boston terrier dog instead of a Yorkie.  Now that was a real challenge.  I had to research for photos picturing Boston terriers in the air and to adopt it into my quilt.  It was a huge success.  It turned out to be a real preppy Boston terrier with his bow tie and all.  My customer was so impressed and satisfied with her new quilt, she even left me a heartbreaking review! That's a win win story!!!!

On to the next applique quilt.  I had been asked to make a Ms. Simone with a new addition to her friendship circle.  As you know Ms. Simone is a little birdie on a tree with the company of her friend the sleeping owl. Now it was time to add a little bunny sleeping on the edge of the tree.  The quilt turned out A-dorable!! The fabrics used were all pastel tones, and it turns out that they are my all time favorite shades!!! My heart stops every time I look at the pictures of this quilt.

The backing and binding was made by using Litllest fabric line by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Apart from the fact that your heart melts away from the cuteness of this fabric line, the quality was just superior, the most amazing cotton I've ever laid my hands on.

Those are definitely quilts to love and cuddle!! I just don't know when I'll be able to make my own quilt! I had cut the triangles since last July and still I haven't even sewn a row of triangles!!! Oh!!well what can I say, time really flies!!!!

I'm wishing you all a happy May!!Go out and make the best and cutest wreath Ever!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A week of Peppa & fresh love

Happy Friday sweeties!

It's official I'm on a 5-days mini Easter break from my day job!!woot!!woot!! How will I kill all this free time!!!?? sewing? relaxing? partial spring cleaning? visiting my folks? One thing's for sure! There's some heavy sewing in the horizon.  Have to start another "the dog in the air" baby quilt & Hugo's first book for a little guy in Germany.  Fabrics have arrived so no more waiting! It's time to cut, fuse and sew sew sew!!
This week was all about Peppa pig & some fresh love.  I've been asked to make a Peppa doll as an Easter lampada (the tradition here in Greece, goes like this, everyone in the church holds a candle in order to get the Holy Light when the Resurrection takes place, so the lampada is actually the Easter candle).  I had never seen Peppa before, and I was happily surprised when I watched a 5-min episode of Peppa, since I knew that kids these days watch a bunch of crap (I grew up watching Sport Billy, Candy Candy, Nils Holgersson and his amazing adventures , I do hope they ring a bell all these children programs).  Anyways, here's my version of Peppa (she's a little fairy pig!!!). I have attached a set of wings on her back, but I didn't manage to get a decent photo of them!dah!!you know me and my photos!!! 

I hope that she'll be loved and taken good care cause she's just a little fragile Fairy!!! Other than that, I was asked to make a pillow for a fresh young couple in love.  And here's my interpretation of a fresh love! You're the thief of my heart!!! A cute little throw pillow filled with embroidery and applique love! 

My embroidery skills after so many projects still are at their lowest but I'm not giving up! Someday I'll stitch so straight I won't believe it!! hahhaha!!! 
Anyway, I'm wishing you all a Happy Easter!! Lots and lots of good times and laughter!!

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