Is it too early for Mother's day??

Is it too early to be discussing about Mother's day? It's not toooo early if you ask me!! It's almost in three weeks!! And I haven't picked up any new fabrics yet!!! I haven't made up my mind yet on what to make her, but inspiration is all around us!!! 

I just love this wonderful pillow from Blue Elephant stitches. In fact she was thrilled when she first saw it too! 
And how about these Charming window pillows by Angela Nash of My Three Sons!! I found a tutorial on how to make them at Moda Bake Shop.  
That scrappy petal pillow has been in my heart for so long!! I just love how you can use so many different scraps!! But at the same time I'm so intimidated by it's eco quilting!! 
And last but not least it's this awesome Scrap Buster Fall Pillow from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I'm sure you must have seen it or even tried it already!! I know I have been wanting to make her this since last year, but ended up making her a mini dresden plate quilt instead!!. 

Decisions!!Decisions!!Decisions!! What to make her?? What would please her more? I think I'm gonna try the first pillow!! She wanted to make it herself, but when she realized how much work this little cutie has.. she changed her mind!! So I'm gonna surprise her!!  
I love everything about this pillow.. It reminds me of a favorite fabric line (I think it was Long Live Vintage by Adornit). Now all I have to do is search for some new fabrics.  I have a bundle in mind which I love from FabricWorm

And of course there's always Flea Market Fancy (GOSH I love it!! but it's a little bit pricey)!!

I also have to get my hands on some newspaper prints and some linen fabric!!! Japanese fabrics here I come!!!!

What about you? Have you decided yet? What will you be making for your mamas?


  1. You are such a good daughter! Beautiful pillows! It would be hard to decide on just one!


  2. I've got it easy this year - Mama wants a Kindle!
    I'm still working on her birthday present (from back in March) but I'm hoping I'll be done in about 2 weeks :)

  3. I adore the first one, the design and the colours as well :)
    Lucky mrs T. :)
    But I have the best sewhappiness pillow of them all ..hehehe <3

  4. It's the right time to start a handmade gift! You may need to buy sth or change plans! Now you have the time to do it!

  5. Hello Eleni I wanted to write to you before,but I didn't have time ,I went to the states for 2 weeks to pick up my mom and i just got back a week ago, I went on a shop hop which happen to be going on the second weekend that I was there ,it was so much fun and a big sale at Joann's at the same time I thought of you while looking at the various tools and looked at the spray for baisting and it was if I remember right about 12.00 dollars ,but the only thing I wanted to get was fabrics since the clearance was at 50% off and I could get Yardage for about 2.00 so I just loaded up of fabrics ,but the did think about you I will be posting about my trip soon ,I love the pillows they are too cute for Mothers day I think I will have time to make one. take care ,Theodora


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