Newscast & A Happy Weekend

Hello everyone:)
How was your week?? What did you do??? Tell me all about it!!! I sssssooo missed you!!!! A whole week without any communication!!! It seemed like ages!!! It's been a very busy/difficult week !! All I did was working-eating-sewing-sleeping!!! Mr. H. (and I'm thankful for this) did all the rest cooking-cleaning !!! Yesterday evening, I finally managed to finish the little book I've been working on all week!!! Again, it was worth it!!! You'll see what I mean:) This is going to be long, so many news to share from this looonnngg absence!!! 

After  the book for Love, my cousin told me that her cousin was in love with the little book and wanted one for her own daughter:) I have to deliver it today, but I managed to take a few pics of it, just for you to see this cutie:)

A little note: All appliqued shapes in the book are free motion stitched.  This explains all the NOT straight lines!!! But it's what it gives them a unique look, right??

Cover page: translated from Greek, my first book

Page 1-2/ Fly away!!!! {design of the birds is from my favorite book Scandinavian Stitches}

Page 3-4/ I love you mom:)

Page 5-6/ Spring time!!!

Page 7-8/ Welcome to the Jungle!! {design of the little lion is from the book Felties}

Isn't he a cutie:) He also has a belly button!!!hehehehehe

Page 9-10/ Aaaannnnddd ACTION!!!

I used more felt fabric on this one, so the baby can touch more textures. The shapes in the last page are all stuffed with poly-fill.  I just love working on things for babies!!! I'm so happy with the result!!! I think that she'll love it:)

Also, yesterday I had a mailman visit:) Couldn't be more happier when I saw my package and opened it!!! I had posted some time ago about these fabric line!!! Ordered it, and after 15 days (this is app. how long it takes for a package to arrive to Greece from US) it's in my hands:) The HAPPIEST FABRIC ever!!! It's so precious, I just want to stare at it, and not make a single cut!! Fish Chris suggested that I should frame it!!! Does that happen to you also?? Or am I crazy not to want to cut this beauty:)???

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to make anything else from this week's sewing list:( I was supposed to start the growth chart (based on this tut) for my little niece, but I was in desperate need of yardage fabric for the backing.  I went to a fabric-heaven store I've discovered downtown!! And this is what I bought for her!!! I just love the color/print combination on this!!! 

Lastly, I'm sssooo behind with Beth's sew along!!! I have some major catching up to do!!! 

I'm wishing everyone a super fun/creative/whatever you want WEEKEND:)!!!!!! 

We'll talk again soon:)

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  1. You are so cute! My little girl would love this book. Darling idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I'm now jealous! The second book is even cuter!!!

  3. OH! I love the book!!! So sweet!
    Don't worry about being behind - the only reason I made the posts fairly close together is so I wouldn't forget to post instructions and leave people with a bunch of fabric pieces and no idea what to do with them, haha.
    Glad all is well (though busy) - I was going to email you to make sure everything was ok since you've been so quiet.

  4. New follower from the hop. Hope you follow back.

  5. Adorable....I need one of these for my teething baby =D. Stopping by from the along for the ride party. I would LOVE for you to come link up to my party too & if you have time check out my giveaway going on until Sunday at midnight. Keep up the creativeness!

  6. Thank you so much for linking up with my Favorite Things Party!!! I am now following you too-great blog!!

  7. I am sure this cute baby book will also be well-loved! thanks for sharing, Eleni! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  8. This is just lovely! My mum used to make us fabric books when we were little. I remember she had one page which taught us to do up a button.


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