Tuesday things I love {the wonderland edition}

Happy Tuesday lovelies :) 
It's so dark outside, it feels like the sky is going to fall on our heads.  Ohhh...this is not the fresh start I wanted, I've asked for crispier air, and cardigans in the afternoon, and bright days but not such a moody weather.  In times like these, all I want is to get lost into a magical world, into a wonderland. Where magic happens every single day, and all bad things get lost just like that! Don't you feel like this sometimes? 

I got featured today, with my Alice in wonderland pillow, in a such a lovely treasury my heart breaks. It fits like a glove with my mood.  I just adore every single item of this treasury. Don't you? You can check it out here

welcome to wonderland
On another note, my "sweet dreams" triangle quilt is coming along day by day.  I've decided to sew at least one row per day. So hopefully by next week, I'll have all rows finished and ready to piece together.  Let's hope that my seams will nest nicely! Also, I'm working on another "ms. Simone and her friends" baby crib size quilt, but I've run out of cotton thread, and the shop in my neighborhood is OOS! Come on!! who runs out of stock of plain white thread! Someone is seriously joking! And also decided to give the economy block a try.  I've been seeing blocks on IG for so long and wanted to make one.  And now I did, and I have to admit that it's such a fun and easy block to make.  It's perfect for fussy cutting, and you can make a good use of your precious scraps.  Next project calling! Christmas patchwork pillow!!!

Oh well, tomorrow I'll show you all about my new baby fabric book! Stay tuned :)