ssshhhh!!!It's oh so quiet...Aria

A few months back (this is what happens if you don't post often or at all in my case) I've been asked to make a quiet book for a lovely girl named Aria.  I told her mother that I hadn't made any before and that it would be challenging.  Mails were coming and going while discussing how the layout of the book should be.  I wanted to bind the book as I was used to, but the mother insisted on using bookbinding rings in case she would want more pages.  When we finally agreed on the layout, the adventure started. I don't know if you've ever made a quiet book before, but I think it's the most time challenging project ever.  
And here's how it turned out <3

I even made her, her own tote bag so she can carry her book everywhere.   It took me almost a month to finish it.  Thank God she (the mother) was so patient, and I was lucky enough that my quiet book arrived just in time for Aria's birthday.
After a few days, the mother contacted me and told me that Aria was really happy with her new book and that the first thing that she would do in the morning was to play with her book.

Just Priceless....


  1. Dear Eleni, you are amazing! You have made an unbelievable beautiful book! Haven't seen anything like that! Now I understand why haven't been around lately. x Teje

  2. OMG Eleni!! That's fantastic! I don't know if I would ever have the patience for that, though. But that is really awesome looking!

  3. it's fabulous, well done! I do want to make a quiet book for my nephew, I suppose I should get started!


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