better late than ever!!!

pheeeewwww!!!managed finally to pop in and say hello!!!

Hello!!!hello!!!hello!!!!! Merry Christmas my lovely blog friends!!! I do hope that you had the best time ever..also hope that you're not suffering (like I am) from too much food and sweets consumption!!! I honestly think that if you pinch me I'll pop!!! My Gosh the amount of sweets that I've devoured..can't even begin to describe it!!! 

noticed anything new..?? well!! I couldn't resist a more winter-y/Christmas-y new header!!!! you know me... I get bored so easily!! Can't believe I had the old one for such a long time!! I just love love love the tiny polka dots background!!

It's been the most stressful month of all times!!! and I'm so glad it's coming to an end...still have though to prepare some orders..but things are not that crazy ANYMORE!!!! pphhheeewww..

 I'm also glad that 2011 is coming to an end.. and it's not gonna end well I'm telling you!!! Many things are happening that affect my life in the most negative way!! First one is, that I might be losing my job.. I'm not sure yet... but things have gotten really really ugly at my day job!!! It might be a good thing after all, and I can finally be more devoted to my blog and my makes and my little shop!!

Second thing that is even more worse, is that my mom's cat Sheba (remember Sheba..I've always told you that he smells like fabric softener??let me refresh your memory)

has been diagnosed with multiple tumors!!my sweet sweet sweet little boy!!! He suddenly stopped eating early December..and till now he still refuses to eat!! my mom is giving him some multi-vitamin thing (I have no idea how it's called) which seems to do him some good and give him some kind of strength!! Every day I keep calling mom to see if something has changed...and every day I get the same reply!!!ohh!!I wish things could magically change!! but I can't see him suffer so much!!!...tears are coming!! I'll make a stop here!!!

So now, after all this, I think you're getting an idea why I haven't been around that much this month... I hope the new Year will be more joyful/less stressful/healthier/for everyone!!

Before I close up this post..I wanted to share with you something really really treasured by me.. it's something tiny but MATTERS A LOT!!! See that little cute pink sparkly star on our Christmas tree?? well it has travelled many many many miles to get here!!! Thank you Beth :D 

Well I'm off to my day job!! Before I go.. I just saw this amazing print!! Isn't it the amazing in it's simplicity?? 

Well!!I'm off!! We'll talk soon!!!!


  1. Happy Christmas Eleni! Sorry to hear things have been tough :-( Love the new header though, lol!

  2. Ugh. Hopefully 2012 starts off better than 2011 is ending :)
    Hugs from the US!!

  3. Beautiful new header.Always so creative dear Helen!I love all the stuff you made for the Christmas fair and I'm glad you sold out!It must be very encouraging.You deserve it.

  4. Absolutey hate the new header....because I don't live in it! It's greater than perfect....its sweet and cosy and cute and cool and arty and fun and friendly and everything I wish I put it eloquantly: gee wizzz how talented can you get????

    p.s. I wish I could turn back time to a few months ago so I could hold Sheba one more time....I don't care how allergic I am, I would hold him for hours this time....I love this 'I just got out of a spa-soupline' cat...

  5. are you getting red? red Elaine? hehehehe


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