Photo challenge- {day 6 & 7}

Happy Sunday lovely blog friends :)

How's your weekend so far? For me it's been all about sewing, and shopping for supplies!!! At least it's not too hot this weekend, in fact a little windy, perfect for sewing without getting all sweaty!!! 
Anyway, I have some things I'd like to share, but that's a whole new post.  On to the photo challenge!!! Well, day's 6 theme is "A childhood memory". So... this how I looked in kindergarden, can't even calculate how many-many-many years have passed since I wore my pink uniform.  My mama had kept it {in perfect condition} all these years. She has also kept the cloth napkin I had with me for my lunch!!! Lovely mama <3.

Can anyone recall from which cartoon is this cute bear? I'm experiencing pure memory loss and I can't remember!!! If anyone has a slight clue, please share!!! :)

Now, day's 7 theme is "Something new".  Well, I said earlier that I went shopping for some supplies, but I couldn't resist also some on line shopping!!! So in the next week or two this is what the mailman will bring!!! 

I have been eyeballing this book for some months now!! I finally got to order it!! I'm sew excited!! Quilting in no time!! It has 50 different "weekend" projects to make!! I can hardly wait to get it in my hands :) Also, I have purchased two charm packs from etsy.  One is wee Woodland by Keike for Moda {I love the woodland theme, but I think you already know that}, and the other one is Sugar Pop by Liz Scott for Moda :) I've never worked with a charm pack before, and I do hope that it'll be convenient!! I like though, that you can get the entire fabric line, in just one pack:) How do you buy fabric, I mean, do you buy yardage or fat quarters? In Greece, there are no fat quarters or charm packs or jelly rolls.  You can only buy yardage and the least you can cut is half a yard!! Fact which is not to clever {in marketing terms} if you ask me... 

Anywooo, that's it for now, I have to get back to my sewing:)  I'm wishing all of you a great day :)


  1. The bear on your napkin looks like Yogi Bear. I've never heard/seen that book but it sounds like it might be fun :)!


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