Photo challenge- {day 5}

Happy Friday lovely blog friends:)

Woo Hoo!!!! Friday at last!! Few more hours of slave work and off to my little sewing machine!! I know I know, I've been slacking a lot lately.  But, I hope that this weekend all catch up with the QAL, and also make {maybe} one pillow from my mom's order :) We'll see, I shouldn't be saying too much, rather than showing in the end!!! 

Anywaysssss, today's theme is "Someone I love".  Well, I just couldn't narrow it down just to one person.. So...

In order of appearance: Dad and Ivan {daddy's little girl...hehehe}, Mr. H. and I {summer of 2009 at Naxos island}, lovely mama {showing off her wonderful garden at her yard}, Sheba's cute foot {<3}, Mr. H. {at my parent's yard, watering the plants}, Dido {I wish he could be so calm all day long...uugghhh!!!!}, Mr. H. and his little sister Fish Chris {at Isthmos Canal, a few weeks ago}, Mr. H. {last summer at some beach, I think it was Korasida...maybe!!!}, me and Fish Chris {few weeks ago, I think it was taken on our first trip to our beach}.

Well,have to get ready for work!!! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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