Catching up!!!

Happy Monday everyone:)

I had such a productive weekend:) All I did was, sew-eat-read Leilas tuts-sew-sleep-sew-eat-start on a new pillow... which I haven't finished yet cause my parents visited yesterday evening!!I managed though to catch up with Skill Builder QAL!!! 

So, this is Block 4 - pinwheels parade!! Well, I know it's not even close to being presentable!!! This is what happens when you think you own 1/4 stitching and not pay too much attention while cutting and sewing!!!

And this is block 5 - Arizona, which I think turned out so much better than pinwheels parade even though cutting and resizing ALL those HSTs and pressing all those seams seemed to have NO end!!! I also have discovered that I need to mark all 1/4 seams, when it comes to sewing. I know that it's not too much of a time saver, but it surely helps me be more accurate. 

And last this is block 6 Bow ties which was so much easier to make comparing to the two previous blocks!!! When I was at the point to sew the 4 halves together I asked Mr. H to help me decide on the layout of the final block.  I love that there are so many possibilities for just one block!! This is my layout:)

Probably you might already know this (but I had no clue), there is also a 3D layout of this block. Lovely Beth from Sweet Bee Buzzings had posted some time ago a tutorial on how to make this block with a puffy look.  

And these are all my finished blocks together!!! Scrappy, scrappy, scrappy!!!But I love it so far!!! 

On another note, I've started working on a pillow for my mother. She loved the pinwheels parade block, so I thought why don't I make her a quilted pinwheel pillow??? I've already started on the quilting, I stitched in the ditch and outlined one out of 5 pinwheels.  She saw it yesterday evening and she already loves it!! I think it turned out so much better than my first block!! Don't you think??

Well, that's it for now, I'm already late for work!! Wishing everyone a great day!!!


  1. Love these blocks Eleni! That pillow top is to die for! Please remember your friend Bonnie next time you're in the mood to make another one ;-) xoxo

  2. I'm making a pinwheel quilt for my daughter's bed right now. It's work. I know you know this but I just want to say that it's really hard work!
    The bowtie pattern is lovely and I think I'll use something like that for her pillows. :)

  3. Thanks for the mention :)
    I love your fabric choices! And I had to trim my pinwheels a bit to make them fit together....apparently 1/4 inch seams are optional to me....
    Have a happy Monday!


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