Summer days...

Happy Wednesday everyone:)

I hope you had great time these past few days!! And what about you my American friends...did you have tons of cook outs and picnics  and fireworks?? Ohh!!! come on tell me!!!
I'm sorry for my absence but my last days had been a break from my sewing machine... and blogging. it was an opportunity to re-discover parts of my city that I hadn't visited for a long long long time!! We had walks downtown were we got to see some street art work!! My favorite!! (but you must know that by now:)  I was so happy cause I was lucky to see a close up of a big building installation of my favorite street artist (this is a 5 or 6 floors building... can you imagine the size of this painting??)!!.. I just love this guy!! I wouldn't mind him painting my living room..honestly!! or better MY WHOLE HOUSE! His work is just amazing!! Don't you think?

We went for a walk to a park in the center of Athens, which has been closed for years due to renovations... which literally never finished.. but it was looking great either way!!! Actually, in this park I learned how to ride a bike!!! ohh I wish I had a scanner so I could upload some very OLD pics!! That would be nice...

We went for coffee in the northern suburbs near the sea... and on our way we were passing by a huge wall just filled with graffitis!!! I immediately took some snap shots for you:) I just love sharing with you parts of my city that I love to hang out and be inspired!!!

Today was all about the sea.... we woke up too early... and went to one of our favorite beaches which is about 80 Klm from Athens. It was sooo hot..  and the sea so calm... I can't wait to go again... wouldn't you also??

Before, I close this post.. I just want to mention that tomorrow is a BIG day for me!!! I will be announcing my first giveaway  ( I know it's about time I had one)!! Hopefully you'll enjoy what you'll see... so stay tuned till tomorrow!! 

Hope that I didn't keep you waiting too long....

Have a great day:)


  1. Oooooohhhh!!! I want to go to the sea right now! My vacation is taking forEVer to get here - I can't wait!!

  2. I want that building installation on a canvas in my house. It is gorgeous! Your sea pictures are beautiful.

  3. The photos are really good :) They smell... summer!!!

  4. OOOOOO! I want to visit Greece! Your pictures are lovely! We watched the fireworks and had a barbeque with family. It looks like you had a delighful break from your sewing machine:)


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