Tuesday things I love--- {home edition}

Happy Tuesday everyone:)

I can't stop singing to myself "heaven i'm in heaven and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak..."!!! I'm happier than ever!! more orders are coming in, and I just have to make up the time to make all of them:) And also, this would be the perfect time to thank you all for your lovely comments and thoughts on Love's first book.!!! 

The only thing that bothers me, is the state of my house.  I can't fit everything in (full time job-sewing-and cleaning), and I have neglected it so much!!! I haven't even had the time to change the couch cover!!! and we are still sitting on the winter set!!! Our as..s are starting to feel like we're sitting on fire:)hehehehehe!!! 

I'm dreaming of a clean house, with lots of handmade details and accessories...

like this lamp, made from old sewing patterns!!! So whimsical!!

Or maybe a custom silhouette print of Mr. H and me (like this one??) 

and a cute little light box display {The Toy Horse Heart}!!! just lovely:) 


And maybe something to remind me of my roots.... 


Have to force myself to make a stop here!!! Enough with the daydream break!! I have to continue with my sewing:D

Hope you have a great rest day, whatever you do:)


  1. I have yet to put away my winter things and take out my summer clothes, even though we're into 90 degree weather here. I just have way too many other things I'd rather be doing :)

  2. Your book turned out perfectly! I know when I'm in the midst of a quilt, especially ones on a deadline, my house suffers for it! It's a tradeoff and I'd much rather quilt!


  3. Βρίσκομε σε μία ακριβώς ίδια κατάσταση..:)


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