Happy Monday + Sewing plans!!!

Happy Monday everyone:)

Did you have fun this weekend? It has been sooo hot here, I so wanted to go to the beach!!! Well, maybe next weekend, and if I'm lucky it won't be raining!!! It was really fun yesterday, we went out for coffee, then at home ordered take out (not so fun after all---cause it sucked Big Time!!!), and finally at the movies to watch Hangover 2!!! I usually don't enjoy sequels but this one was just hilarious like the first one!! What a great way to finish a great Sunday!!! 

Now, this week will be sew busy again:)
1. Have to make another pillow (like this one) for my friend at work.
2. Have to start and hopefully finish the embroidered grown chart for my niece. 
3. Have to make the baby gear that I'm talking about the past two weeks for my friend!!!! Have to make them!!! Have to make them!!!!

And apart from all that, I have to go shopping cause Bethany's from Sweet Bee Buzzings {Make it with me} Sew Along is starting next week on June 13:) I'm excited!!! We'll be making one of the cutest bags ever!!! Isn't it just lovely??? 

Just head over at Sweet Bee Buzzings and join the fun:)

Well, have to get ready for work now:) But I sure would love for you to share your sewing plans for this week!!!

Hope you have a great day:)


  1. Hey Eleni!, you are so busy making things all of the time!.. I love to come over to you blog and have a look at what you are up to :)

    I really love the baby book and tea cup pillow, you've inspired me! I think I might just have to try and make myself one! :)

    Ooh and i'm having a giveaway on my blog, go see!

  2. I had takeout this weekend that was less than stellar too - it must have been a global thing :)
    Thanks for mentioning my sew along!

  3. Yay! Fun sewing week ahead! I want to join the sew-along cause that bag is too cute!


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