Happy June :D + WIP!!!

Happy June everyone!!! Yep!!! it's official, Summer is here:)
I'm starting to count down days till my vacations.!!! emmm... I still have 32 days of slave-work and then off for three whole weeks!!!! Can't wait!!! And we are also planning our first swim for next weekend (it would be this one!! if it wasn't that time of the month you know....ugghhh!!!). I've been having back pains the past two months, and the doctor told me that the best treatment is swimming!!! So I have to listen to the doc!!!
Anyway, I did manage to deliver the pillow to my colleague yesterday. She was THRILLED!!! She did a little advertising by showing it to everyone !!! The result was that I have two more custom orders:) I'm so excited!!! So this is Roy's tea time pillow:) 

I love this fabric line!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Yesterday, after coming home from work, I started another project for my newborn niece Love.  Her mother asked me for a fabric baby book. I had a few ideas on how to start, but I needed some guidelines, and I found this tutorial so helpful.  I have resized it a little, since I'm running dangerously low on my fabric stash!!! This is how it's looking so far:) That little {unfinished} mouse is a design from my favorite book Scandinavian Stitches, and that cute Sailor dog is from another favorite book Felties

I already find it soooo cute/adorable!!!! Don't you???

Anyway, I have to continue with this, it must be finished by Saturday morning!!! 

Hope you have a great day:)


  1. SO SO cute!! SO cute! I love your designs, the pillow looks awesome. I hope the swimming helps your back.

  2. The pillow looks so lovely!, very cute eleni! you have been busy! :)

  3. Love the pillow (the picture of it in black and white is very artistic!) and the fabric book is so cute! Good job!


  4. I loooooove the little block with the fishies - I feel like they're talking to each other :)
    The teatime pillow has inspired me with an idea for something for my cousin who just moved to her own place....I'm hoping to get it stitched soon. Of course I'll share :)


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