Tuesday things I love--- take me to my beach!!!

Good Day everyone:)

First of all let me just shout out a big THANK YOU :-) for your support, for your kindness, for your love, for your inspiration!!! I'm the luckiest girl!!!

Although May has not come as it should be, with warm bright days, I cannot stop thinking of summer...:) By the way, I have to say this so I won't forget, Sarah has just posted a linky party on summer sewing plans (will be up till May 6)!!! How great is that?? Have you thought about your sewing plans for summer?? I'm preparing a mosaic and hopefully I won't fail my expectations.. 

So, for this Tuesday let me take you to my beach.... 

I'm a back pack type even for the beach, but this year I would love to be spotted on the beach with this hand drawn tote bag from viperxmns. I just love the color combination, and the drawing of course!!!!

And this patchwork harem pant by thaitee is just my thing exactly.... REMINDER!!! Check for the sizes... hopefully I might fit!!! Have you ever tried this kind of pants??? It's so comfy!!
I know it's the first time I'm posting about clothing, but I do think that this outfit is a perfect combination with the handmade bag!!!!  

And of course in my beach there is always a PILLOW!!! Take a look at that!! Isn't it pure love??? Reclycled Chenille Sea Urchin pillow from hepstyles. Have you ever caught a sea urchin?? Isn't it the funniest feeling when it is stuck in the palm of your hand??? It's so tickling!!!


Now how about this simple necklace?? Sand dollar Peace from seaglassjewerybykat , so meaningful in it's simplicity...The legend of the Sand Dollar says, that if you break the center of the sand dollar, five doves are waiting to spread Peace. For the beholder of the Sand Dollar, the Spirit will watch and will care and the sole purpose of it is to deliver a sense of Peace....   

Saved the best for last, take a look at this Blue Green and Grey stash builder from sewfreshfabrics... Don't they smell like summer?? Just imagine how many things you could make to take with you to the beach!!!

Please, please!! someone stop me... I have to stop uploading lovely things... I have to concentrate and continue with my taxing calculations.... uuuggghhh!!!!yikes!!!

So I'm off now, hope you have a great SUNNY (not moody like here) day:)


  1. Hello! I was super against harem pants for a while but I finally came around and they are so comfortable!

    I like your blog, very cheerful! Also, I was in Athens 6 months ago and I loved it :)

  2. Sorry--I find taxes hideous so I will encourage you to keep looking at pretty things instead :)
    especially things that have to do with the beach.

  3. Love the fabric, the patterns are so fresh and inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)


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