Tuesday things I love

Well today was supposed to be the delivery day of my new sewing machine, I should be happier than ever...not happening!! I just found out that the machine was not even dispatched last week and now I have to wait for another week and maybe next Tuesday the machine will be in my hands.... Greek service yeahh!!! thumbs down!!

Since I thought I would have the machine today, I was constantly browsing through inspirational projects, here are a few lovely handmade things.

This cushion is absolutely adorable from my favorite artist Syko, ooohhh I wish I had such talent and inspiration like her... Don't you just love it?
look at the back too... repurposed shirt!!!!!!!! 

This stitched canvas print from Lauraamiss reminded me of Fish Chris (my fiance's little sister and the cutest person ever), I absolutely adore it!! Look at all these stitched details!!!

Home is where you take it 
(right Chris?)


These interchangeable button necklaces from HappyDoodleLand are way too cute!!! It's like getting four necklaces at a time!!

and you can pick any design from many more!!!ssseeeee...
I want no 1 and no 19 and no 8 and no 1 and no 2 and ALL OF THEM!!! Isn't this a fun idea?

And for those of you who want to keep track of every single idea (including myself) I think this little screenprinted notebook from Katieblairdesigns is a must have!!


Inspiration is endless and unfortunately I have to go get ready for work!!

Happy Tuesday:-)



  1. What great finds! Thanks for stopping by Eye Spy DIY. I'm your newest follower!

  2. Cute finds!
    I love that notebook!


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