Playing around!!

Finally Weekend my friends!!!yeaheee!!! Time to have fun, and to try to forget all things that bother us all week.  For me, one of the things (and certainly not the most important) is the delay of my sewing machine, which will be prolonged for at least two weeks!!!!uuuuggghhh!!! But it's not up to me, so I have to accept it and carry on!!! I have to repeat it to myself many many many times in order to believe it sometime.

Anyway, some years ago I've started lessons on jewelry making (which I attended only once-typical me!!), and yesterday I searched through my closets to find where all my supplies were. I was in a playing mood, and wanted to make an owl pendant, you know not something fancy, just playing around. I found my bronze stash and started creating!! And this is what happened, isn't it cute?? Now I have to figure out how to make a hole for the chain.... ooohhh I'll google!!! But if you have any advise, pls share!!!

Hope that you have a great/crafty/loving/sweet/chatty/friendly weekend!!! And don't forget !!!!!!!!!



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  2. thanks for visiting us. now following your DARLING blog!! xoxo


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