My weekend in photos

Hello everyone,

unfortunately the weekend is almost over (sigh...).... don't mind me it's my Sunday's depression time (hehehe, every Sunday same hour!!!). Does that happen to you too??

Anyway, how was your weekend?? Did you make anything crafty?? Did you have fun? I had a great one, here let me show you!!:-)

I discovered my first tulip on my balcony :-) and tested my first lemon-butterscotch cupcake (mmm..yammy---drooling actually), that bird looked very hasty and ssooo cute [pls don't pay attention to the filthy pavement], those are the best store blinds I've ever seen, seen an art exhibition [How far is too far] by a local artist Natassa Biza, hosted by our favorite place Bartesera, traced my pattern on my hoop for the preparation of screen printing, me modge podging, all layered and ready to dry..

Hope I made you smile, I know Fish Chris will!!!

Happy rest Sunday:-)



  1. Good coffee, good company and cupcakes! What's not to smile for?
    Have a great week Elenaki :-D
    Fish Chris

  2. My weekend has been good... just relaxing at home with the family. Of course now it's snowing outside- this darn Michigan weather. :p Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Wind Down today. :)

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  4. I get Sunday depression on Saturday. Ugh it's horrible. I get Winter depression in Spring. Though both of those things have gotten much better since staying home with baby. :)

    I was unfortunately not crafty this weekend. :(

  5. Your weekend made me smile, your life looks lovely.

    I call your depression "The Sundays", I used to get it from having too much fun, drinking too much and not sleeping enough all weekend. When you get the The Sundays, you just want to snuggle on the couch, and eat tomato soup and a bagel (or some other bread product).

    All the same, Happy Sunday,



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