Happy April!!+my own blog buttons

So it's the 1st of April!!!yeahhh!!! It's someone's special birthday this month!!! I will ask for your advise for presents in a new post.. but for now, how many lies do you count till now??hehehe

Anyway, I would really like to thank all of you for the support that you are showing in this blog!!!! I cannot believe that I've already met so many inspiring people. Thank you all so much!!! This makes me want to try more :-)!!!
Also, I'd like to say that I have added two buttons that you can grab if you'd like to show some love... They are under the Inspiration blogroll.. I hope they are working properly (fingers crossed..).  I've found a very good tutorial here on how to make your own buttons, and to tell you the truth it took me all morning just to make two of them...Like them much??

Well, Happy Friday everyone and have a very crafty weekend!! 

I know I'll do, I found a tutorial on screen printing and I will give it a try this weekend.. updates on Monday... 



  1. Hi! Just found you via a blog hop & so glad I did :) Love the cute little buttons, especially the first one!

  2. So I have been out of town and I did not have a computer i missed so much! Your buttons are amazing! I have tried to make one but failed miserably! You made me want to try again! Also I am sorry your new machine is not there yet. I can't wait to see what you make! I wish I lived in Greece so I could enjoy your lovely looking weather. Have a great week!!!


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