Happy Thursday!!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I can't believe that we are almost at the end of the week!!!  But most importantly I cannot believe that it's already March, and we are so much closer to Easter and Spring!! 

Even though the last few days have been really cold (and I just heard on the news that we are expecting snow even in Athens next week), I know that Spring is on it's way!!yeah!!

Can you feel it!!! I know I do!!

I'm already in an Easter mood!!! Here's my little ducky Easter ornament!! Isn't it cute??
Inspired by the book The Softies Kit

Do you like Easter decoration?? If so, I' d really love to know how you decorate . I know that I really like easter baskets filled with multi-color eggs, and flowers everywhere which will probably end up on the floor since my cat Dido is a flower lover!!!He really enjoys flowers as food also!!hehehe!!!
Anyway enough about me!! Let's exchange ideas!!


p.s. Have a wonderful day