5 ways to improve your Etsy Shop and some lovely Nursery Inspo

Hello, my lovelies!

So time flies when you have to juggle between sewing, and photo shooting and having to prepare orders for the Etsy shop, and having to make improvements to the shop, and having to edit hundreds of photos again (since I managed to understand a couple of things about how Adobe Lightroom actually works!!! WooHoo!! thank youtube masters --- hours of watching have paid off... at least that's what I think). .  

So I have been reading a lot of blogs about how to improve your Etsy shop and I've selected a few steps that I have already taken towards this transformation.  One thing that I still learn and have to accept is that it takes a lot of persistence and patience in order to build your brand and your shop but you have to remember that.... great things take time!!!! 

1 | Take Really Really {or Ridiculously}  Good Photos 

Bright, with lots of natural light photos, is the number one key.  You can certainly rely on your smartphone nowadays, but if you could invest in a good DSLR camera then take the pledge and do it, and you won't regret it.  Editing is also really important,  programs like Adobe Lightroom might seem overwhelming, but trust yourself, give time and many hours of tutorials watching and you'll manage to have amazing results with your photos.  

2 | Update & Polish your Shop 

Which means that you have to make sure that all your listings have correct descriptions, fill out all necessary attributions. Also, really important too is to polish your policies, Etsy now provides you with a Policies set up to make it even easier for you.  So go ahead and fill out everything! 

3 | Master your SEO

earch Engine Optimization (SEO) is key and is a very important factor if you want your products to be found on Etsy or online.  Your titles should only contain words that shoppers might use for their searches.  That might sound easy, but still, there are other factors too to consider like the engagement rate of these keywords and also their competition.  Now, for me, this has been a really painful process, cause I'm still on trial and error on how to optimize my listings.  There are many articles and youtube videos to help you with this process, but these articles from Etsy are really helpful.  
4 | Use key tags on all your listings

First thing you should do is to fill all 13 tags that Etsy provides.  Not  5 or 6 but all 13.  You should definitely use long tail key tags and not just single words and again focus on tags that will bring traffic who have a high engagement rate with the least possible competition.  
5 | Processing and turnaround time  

Make sure you have filled out correctly your processing and turnaround time.  Etsy now provides fields to fill out that is specific about your processing times and the approximate delivery times. So go ahead and fill those out too, so that shoppers can have all the information they need when they're looking at your listings. Keep in mind that people are more likely to purchase something that ships fast (custom orders are excluded of course).  

Like I said there are many articles out there and tons of information, and these 5 ways are certainly not all you have to do to improve your shop.  So do your research, read a lot, "stalk" your competition, it's a real hustle but if you're methodical and persistent you'll see definite changes in your shop's performance. And don't forget to leave notes around you to help you stay focused and positive cause it's a real hustle! Leave a comment below if you have any other tips on improving your Etsy shop, let's start a conversation!!!
Dream it, then Do it.

And here's a small preview of how I transformed my Etsy shop. I have chosen a large banner and found a really useful site Unsplash where I found the most lovely photo that I think is in my aesthetic range and the shop's profile.  

One last thing to consider on your shop's improvement is, of course, to fill it with your beautiful creations.    

So go ahead and make make make new creations. 

My latest creation was a small Princess Bunny, a teeny tiny linen cloth doll that is now a huge part of a lovely nursery mobile. I have chosen a beautiful print with gold metallics for her body and dress to give her the elegance a Princess has.  I have embroidered her face and added a small gold crown on her head.  I just love the color combo, the blush pink with the gold accents and also the Lilac ribbon I have selected for the mobile's hoop.  I have also attached some ribbons to the mobile to give it a more romantic and sophisticated feel.  Scroll down to see her in her full Glory in the video where you can actually see her move! Isn't she lovely? What do you lovelies think?

So after this really long post, it's time for me to go and of course sew some more!!!

I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend full of sewing of course!!

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