I've been a bad blogger I know!

I know, I've been a bad blogger! It's been a year since I last posted anything!So Happy Belated New Year everyone! Here's to a new and even more creative year to come!
I know I have probably missed so many important sewing/quilting moments, but I've been sew sew busy sewing and quilting these past few months, that time did flew without even noticing that it's already February and snowing! Right now as we speak! Now it's not a blizzard or anything, but the snow flakes are huge, and I've had this feeling all day that I might be actually living in a snow globe. True! I wish we had more days like this, and of course to complete the dream, it would be even greater if I could be in a log cabin in the woods, with a warm fire, and just sitting by the window watching out at the woods and the snow... 
Speaking of dreams come true! I did it! I made a a lap size throw quilt! Yep! And it was darling and dreamy, and I didn't want to give it away, but it was a gift from the heart for my little "sis" and I couldn't resist. I've been eeeeekkkiiinnnggg and itching for such a long time to make Anna Maria Horner's feathers, and I made two, and it was time consuming but not as hard as I thought. Here are a couple of pics to show you the "feathers quilt" (not a couple!).

My little sis is a romantic soul and a music lover, so I thought I could combine her two loves into this quilt in the fabrics I've chosen. What do you think? I've given it to her on Christmas which is her Name Day also, and she was excited! Couldn't be happier. It was sew sew worth it, all these hours spent and my broken machine needles too! 

Next project is Craft-tex.  Recently bought some and I haven't given it a try yet! I think this year will be full of pouches and little bags, just like this one! 

Happy week lovelies <3


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