Better late than ever!

Happy December my lovelies!

Where does time fly? It's already December! Who can believe it! This is what happens when you work all the time, there is no time to read blogs or even write on yours. Now I'm not gonna tell you that I will try, cause every time I've tried this, I've ridiculously failed! So we'll see how it goes. 
Anyway, I'm writing today cause I wanted to share with you my latest finish.  This UFO took almost 6 months to be finished, but it was worth the wait and  the effort! I had blogged about it last April, remember when I've asked you for your help on choosing the fabrics, let me refresh your memory
And now after all this time, I can finally share with you its finish.  I'm really really happy with how it turned out. I was so worried I wouldn't pull it through, but I did. And it's just lovely. I can imagine the mama, sitting in the bed with her son, and coming up with stories according to the book covers on the quilt.  Just darling!

The quilting was so hard, cause I've outlined the book covers and the blocks, and this one was not easy.  I don't understand how much bigger quilts are being quilted this way. It took me two/three hours to finish it, and of course a broken needle with all this pushing and shaving to try and fit the quilt in the machine's throat. Its final dimension was 40*60 in and the pattern was from Ayumi's amazing book Patchwork please!Oh I would love to have a picture of the crib with the quilt, I think I'll have to ask for one. I'm so jealous of all these sellers that have crib quilts displayed on a crib, I think next time I'll have to go to IKEA and choose a nice white crib and take photos! Can you imagine? 
Anyhoooo, it's December already and things get a lot busier these days. Orders are coming in and I can hardly blog about them. But I do have a secret project that I'm working on! Shhh! It's a secret nobody can know about it.  I had long ago bookmarked Anna Maria Horner's lovely feather quilt , and I sew wanted to try this out.  And I did, and it was slow as hell, it took me 4 hours to make two feathers, BUT they look gorgeous. I can't imagine how many hours one has to spend to make a whole bed quilt with feather blocks!! Anyway, this is the color palette I've chosen, more low volume tones for this one. 

Now, finally the quilt top is finished, it's huge (for me at least, that I've never tried to make a quilt this big) 60*75iand the feathers pop out so beautifully.  The batting arrived today! I've never seen such a huge batting, so now, I just have to piece the backing, and think of how to quilt this beauty! I'm gonna share a few pics for you to see, but like I've told you, you can't tell anyone.It's gonna be a huge surprise!!!

What do you think!? I want your opinion. Do you like it? I do hope you do, and I sincerely hope that it'll be loved! 
Oh well, look at the time! I have to go stitch up some of these!!!

Happy December my lovelies <3<3<3


  1. Your Book quilt is simply gorgeous! The colors, the fabrics, everything! I can imagine how difficult the quilting was, I really hate the "interrupting"-type of quilting... By the way your photos are fantastic! and for last...the feathers quilt is turning to be incredible...I love low volume quilts!!!

    1. Zaf! My darling gal thank you for your sweet comment <3<3<3


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