The making of a baby quilt..

Happy Saturday my lovelies,
since it's been so long since my last wip post, I thought I should take a break from quilting and share with you the making of the dog in the air baby quilt.  

It all starts with fusing and cutting all the applique pieces, the dog,clouds, and the balloons.

Then it's time to sew all pieces to your background fabric. I choose to use a "blanket stitch" to avoid any fraying of the applique pieces. It might me a waste of thread, but it's surely a safer choice. 

After you have secured all applique pieces with a blanket stitch it's time to make the dog fur, add the eyes and nose.  Change the foot of your sewing machine into a darning/quilting foot, drop your feed dogs, and start outlining the dog figure with small zig zag stitches with black thread.  When you're finished, start basting your quilt.

After you've done all that, it's to quilt the quilt. Choose a quilting pattern, mine is clouds since the dog is hanging literally in the air.

Take a break to relax your shoulders, to write a post, and maybe just maybe when you get back to your sewing machine, maybe your cat is waiting there throwing you a glove telling you to stop slacking and get some quilting done.

Now we're half way there.. Continue quilting and stay tuned...

To be continued....

What lovely things are you creating this weekend?


  1. Love the dog with the balloons and the cloud quilting! It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. Absolutely adorable quilt! Love the soft colors and design...


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