Quilts to love and cuddle

Ohh Happy May!! Gosh how does time flies, from making Christmas ornaments already to May!! Baby quilts were a huge part of these past sewing months.  From a first attempt on triangle quilting to adorable applique ones.  I had posted some time ago about a little triangle stroller quilt for a dear friend.

Please don't mind these ugly pics, they were taken on a January afternoon under some really hard light. But still you can see my puckers in the backing! Oh well! what can I say, nobody is perfect! 
From triangles on to applique ones.  I had been asked to make a dog in the air quilt but I had to make it with a Boston terrier dog instead of a Yorkie.  Now that was a real challenge.  I had to research for photos picturing Boston terriers in the air and to adopt it into my quilt.  It was a huge success.  It turned out to be a real preppy Boston terrier with his bow tie and all.  My customer was so impressed and satisfied with her new quilt, she even left me a heartbreaking review! That's a win win story!!!!

On to the next applique quilt.  I had been asked to make a Ms. Simone with a new addition to her friendship circle.  As you know Ms. Simone is a little birdie on a tree with the company of her friend the sleeping owl. Now it was time to add a little bunny sleeping on the edge of the tree.  The quilt turned out A-dorable!! The fabrics used were all pastel tones, and it turns out that they are my all time favorite shades!!! My heart stops every time I look at the pictures of this quilt.

The backing and binding was made by using Litllest fabric line by Art Gallery Fabrics.  Apart from the fact that your heart melts away from the cuteness of this fabric line, the quality was just superior, the most amazing cotton I've ever laid my hands on.

Those are definitely quilts to love and cuddle!! I just don't know when I'll be able to make my own quilt! I had cut the triangles since last July and still I haven't even sewn a row of triangles!!! Oh!!well what can I say, time really flies!!!!

I'm wishing you all a happy May!!Go out and make the best and cutest wreath Ever!!!


  1. lovely quilts. I love the applique one with the bunny. That's the bunny from Retro Mama's softie pattern, isn't it? I recognised it as I bought the pattern and have made a few.

  2. Oh, your quilts are lovely!!!! I made a triangle quilt, too, a large bed-sized one. I did not have any fun, and if I ever do one again it will be a baby quilt for sure.

  3. These are just so pretty :-) Love them.


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