Ohhhh paper piecing...or I need your help!!!!

Hello lovelies, happy Wednesday!!! It's been so long since my last post I can't even remember when was the last time! That's not a good thing of course, and it means that I'm not consistent to my word, which was I would post more often, and more wips.  And now here I am posting about my latest wip for which I'm sew sew excited! 
A good friend of mine is giving birth to a baby boy in less than a month! She had asked for a quilt of course with two pillows for the baby's crib.  Now, I'm not yet sure about the pillows but we HAVE decided on the quilt.  Remember a long time ago, I've told you about this amazing book from Ayumi Patchwork please.  Well, a lovely quilt was featured in the book, all about paper piecing. 
After a long search we have narrowed our fabric choices to two basic colors, grey-ish and aqua-ish.  And after a second long search we have narrowed down the fabric search to this lovely mood board.  I have made a few combinations, but she sticks to the grey-ish shades, which is fine by me of course. She has rejected the last combinations from both lines.  So I kinda need your help on this. Which one would you go for.  But let me explain how this combinations work.  A is for basic border (yellow in the picture), B is the solid color between the blocks, (dahhh), C is the the border of each block, D is the binding fabric and last but not least E is the backing fabric.  Also, I decided to make a small change, instead of 48*48in, I'm going with a more bed-ish look, and hopefully it's gonna end at 40*60in, if my calculations are correct.   
  And yesterday, I decided to stitch up a sample block, to check the technique and all, and I fell in love! I want to fill up all the beds/walls/pillows everything with this lovely pattern. And here's the little block.  
Isn't it the cutest EVER??? Ohhh paper piecing how do I love you!!! So please in order to start and place my orders, I need your help!! pretty please!!!

Hope you have a great creative day :)


  1. Hey Eleni, first let me say, what ever you choose in the end, it is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! so, now that we've cleared this out, lets go to the practical stuff. I was trying to "read" the way the quilt is sewn together. So, i ended up to this. A+B have to(actually they don't "have to", because you make yourself miserable if you think it like this)(but lets say they "go well together") be color co-ordinated. So, if you choose A grey-something, choose B to be(!!!!) grey-something as well. Then C, has to stand out, so it could be aqua-something, and D which is the border, might as well be aqua-whatever so that it stands out as well from the grey A, or any of the greys that you have on your list, apart from no2, which pattern is broad, and you cannot see it in the tiny border. Otherwise, A+B aqua-ish+something(dots/stripes), C grey+something, and D grey. Dont get too upset over it, try to enjoy it as you did with all the other projects that you have made, in the end, it is going to be loved, and the baby is going to be very lucky to receive this!!! <3

  2. I vote for A3, B2, C5, D5 and E1. It will look soooo good no matter what you choose!

  3. I would chose A4+B4+C3+D3+E3 but let me tello you that every fabric is gorgeous, so the final quilt would be lovely!!!


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