the best of 2013...and a sew Happy New Year!

First day of 2014 and I'm already making changes on the blog.Here's to a good start! New Year's Resolutions in my head and soon (hopefully) down to paper too.  I love the first day of the Year it's so full of promises.  But i do love mostly the last day of the year, and the recap, and all that psychological burden (i'm a scorpio after all). Anyways, here's a little recap of the previous year.!!!! 


first attempt with a pig sock puppet for a dear friend.  Loved every minute of it!! have to do this again <3. 


Or as formerly known the month of neck warmers.  I can't remember the exact number of neck warmers that I've made.  But I do know that mine is getting kind of old and I'm in desperate need of a new one. 


The elephant pants!Huge failure!!! Made them for my little nephew. If only they would fit.  An adorable failure.
But also mom's birthday gift. Now that was something to remember.
And of course I almost forgot Aria's quiet book. How could I forget? Such a lovely project having to think of new ways to add some interaction to a fabric book!! 


Making little felt dolls for Easter candles was such a delight.  

Made the fly away stroller quilt for the first time.  Everyone loves it and I couldn't be happier.  It's such a whimsical design that my heart just breaks every time. But also made another quilt crib size this time. Keep your heads in the clouds. Won't you?

Everyone that could join this project did.  Mom, my boyfriend,his sister and me, made a forest of butterflies for a Christening event.  Stressful but lovely in the end.
Also, I can't forget the quiet book for Mr. Little Mustache man. Interaction of the below picture, the sun can hide and the rain starts to fall, or the other way around. <3<3<3

Little Red Riding Hood has the blues dress!! In deep love with this fabric line and dress pattern of course.  
Fly away crib size quilt for little Olivia.  Just adorable!!!

The Circus train came to town to stay! The month of trains. Everything I made that month (with few exceptions)had to have a train as the basic theme.  I contributed to a Christening event by making aprons for the Godmother, a plush ornament toy for the candle.  But I also made the baby's crib bumper, which was themed after the Circus train again!!! 

laptop sleeves and bags and elephant bookmarks! Love love love!!!


The month to quilt the quilts.  Me and my mom stroller quilt and Ms. Simone and her friend the owl.  

Red riding hood dolls and photo album sleeves and Ms. Simone again in mint were the highlights! And last but not least December.


December was the busiest of them all! Quilts and more quilts and a new design The dog in the air!!! and plush toys and Christmas ornaments!! Such a full month! 

Which brings us to today! The first day of 2014.

Here's to a new Year full of creativity, love, health and don't forget the best is yet to come!

Happy #2014 lovelies <3<3


  1. Everything is perfect! Happy creative year mon amie! Marie

  2. I am honestly in awe. This post is bursting with some of the most beautiful creatively I have ever seen. Happy stitchy new year!


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