Will you do me a butterfly favor?...

Silence for almost two weeks again! But it's been seriously busy, since we're painting our living room and kitchen...soon peeps. My back and arms hurt like crazy, but the result exceeds my expectation.  A long time ago, (probably around May), I was asked by my dearest cousin to produce around 600 favors for my niece's Christening.  The theme would be our little Butterfly.  I came up with the simplest yet cutest idea.  A butterfly on a stick.  
It would look great, it would be decoratively "useful" after Baptism. And I produced them.  600 favors in one month, along with the help of my dearest mom, Ira and Fish Chris.  They looked lovely all together in their basket ready to be given to the guests.  Like a forest of Butterflies. <3<3

We decided on four different fabrics that coordinated well so all together at the end, would look so colorful and so lovely.  One lucky guy would get a totally different butterfly, a blue one. Only one, in this bunch who would get a little Sewhappiness present.  They were so excited with this idea.  

And since I had some left over fabric and skewers decided to make some for the shop.  Made a few sets of three and listed them, since I think they'd make a cute idea for a shower party, or also as a decorative idea.  They'd look great as a center vase piece, or if you placed them in some dull plant pot, you could hang them on a little girl's door handle.  Don't you think?

Of course I had to make some for our "garden".  So happy, reminds me of Spring though I must say I'm so ready for Fall this time.

Even the weather is Fall-ish today, the wind is crispier and slightly colder <3.  
So if you do like them you can get them here.

Happy Weekend whatever you're doing, we're painting the kitchen this weekend!!woot!!woot!!!


  1. Hi Eleni,

    the butterflies look amazing! I bet your little niece was very happy.
    I love your pictures, they look very pretty.

    Greetz from overseas

    Karin /Going Dutch on Decor

  2. Awesome! Your butterflies are really sweet! The fabrics you used are gorgeous! I love the pics too!Thanks so much for sharing! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. wow, 600 butterflies!! Love the idea of the surprise one that's different, too. I bet they were a big hit!


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