Etsy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! woot! woot!! the week is finally coming to an end.  Good things are happening in our home. We've managed to finish our project (living room and kitchen painting) and now we can finally sit back and enjoy the new colors.  If I see a Dido's paw print on a wall I'm going to de-claw him literally.  It was so much stressful since it needed a lot of work before painting. But it was definitely worth it.  Now I can go back to my regular basis, you know, day job-sewing! 
Last Wednesday I skipped etsy time, but today I'm back again. With a lovely treasury curated by a fellow Etsy Greek street team member.  I was so glad to see that my pouch has been featured amongst so many talented crafters!!! It's theme is so like my mood lately.  I can't wait for Fall or at least some rain.  It's been so sunny, my eyes can't stand it anymore.  (I shouldn't be complaining, I know, but it would be darling if this Saturday, I woke up and it was cloudy, and a little bit colder)!!.