two months in photos...

It's been sssoooo long! I had to check the last date I posted something, and it's been two months! I have to do something to change this, cause I'm not liking it at all! Is there no time for blogging, or am I just a huge procrastinator? Food for thought...  In case you were wondering what I've been doing these past two months..the answer is a lot! 

overwhelming now that I get to see all the projects together...and I think I've left a few out! wow! that's a lot of stuff..but I loved every minute of making them.
Off to the sewing machine again..for a baby set this time..and maybe I could start MY quilt, finally!


  1. Holy crap!!!!! That's a phenomenal amount of stuff! I'm guessing you've given up sleep? :)

  2. here I am I decided to go blog cruising and found yours , I love all the stuff you make down to the labeling and packaging , don't feel bad I haven't blogged for so many months I don't want to count, I am so busy since i brought my studio to my work place. theodora

  3. Eleni... I so happy I found your blog!!! You are amazingly talented, I LOVE your work.... I always feel like I should be blogging more than I have lately, I definitely procrastinate way too much :)

  4. Oh my goodness all beautiful pieces of work, love the stroller quilt, love it ALL! X Fi

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Love the darling embroidered words on your quilts and all those fab Made by Rae dresses, yours are adorable!


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