and so it begins..

I think I've purchased these fabrics last September with the intention to start my own quilt.  But life got in the way.  And now almost a year after I finally found the time to make a start! 
Excitement along with fear of triangling are the state of my mind since yesterday morning.  I found a few tutorials to help me with the process, but still I feel so frightened of sewing triangles. Yesterday evening was dedicated to cutting. 

 Till now I've cut almost 600 triangles which I hope according to my calculations should be ok for a queen size bed. My triangles are isosceles and they are 5'' high and 5'' on the base. My finished size will be 90''*94'' approximately.  I know it's a huge project considering the time I have during the day.  But now I've started and there's no going back.---feeling excited :)



  1. awesome fabrics :) And good luck with your triangles... they seemed a little tricky at first but once you get it you are good :)

  2. These are cute tones,why are you worried about the triangles I see ypu also have applique which is harder ??? when are you coming over ? maybe we can arrange for you to come when there are other quilty friends over so we can have a quilt bee sort of hhhmmm. they are english speaking.


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