A train for the circus...not

So I've been asked to make a plush toy for a boy's Christening/Baptism.  The theme of the  Christening will be (according to the father's obsession) trains.  Challenging, since you won't find a whole lot of trains for plush toys out there. But I love challenges even if I'm failing.  First attempt was disappointing.. it turned out (according to me--but you'll probably see it too) more like a roller skate rather than a train's engine.
 But the concept was there, I knew I had to make small changes and it would be perfect.  And the second time it was (according to me and some friends).  It's squarish shape made the difference in this case. And it's generous size (it's almost 14''*14'').  I think the little fella will at first use it as a pillow. 

It's much more playful this time.  That aqua polka dot fabric is so cute.  I've managed to make a small pocket for the window so I can include a small finger puppet.  I picked a giraffe.  No reason for this decision.  I kinda liked the color combination, turns out that the godmother's favorite zoo animals are giraffes. Lucky me.  
This little plush train will be used as an ornament for the Christening's candle.  Can't wait to see it and show you of course. 
Happy week whatever you're doing.


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