It's time to come back!

Yes!Yes!I'm not dead! I know it's been ages! it almost feels awkward to be siting here writing these entry lines.  It almost feels like the first time I've ever wrote on this blog.  Oh!well let's hope that we can pick up from where we left off.  It's too difficult to cover all these months of absence in one single post.  

First of all! Let's start with a giveaway! Yayy!! It's been so long since my last one.  But I just couldn't find anything interesting to make! Till I saw Ayumi's new book.  Patchwork please!!!  Oh!!yes!!!Please !!! If you haven't heard of it or even bought it.  Please go ahead! Trust me, if it works for me, it should probably work for you too. {there's even a sew along, to be starting on June 3rd) Though, orders are overwhelming once I've purchased this cutie, I jumped right in.  I think I'm gonna make each and every project.  I've tried the bell pepper coasters at first for my mom.  Turned out great, though I had some issues with my machine. They do look yummy, right?

But the ONE project I fell in love immediately after reading about this book, is the Swedish bloom lap quilt.  Beautiful in it's simplicity. Decided to give it a try by making it a pillow first.  There will be a quilt, definitely at some point.  So, tada... giveaway time!

Love love love love this pillow! Love the colors, love the fabric lines.  Did you notice the scrappy binding? and the new line Indian summer! Love at first sight!
So, if you want to get this cutie, all you have to do is 
Like my page
Share or tag !!!! 
Mandatory entry: Leave a comment so I can pick a person :)
International entries of course are welcome!
This giveaway will end next Monday 4/29!! So go ahead join the fun!

well, i think we've covered few for now! I promise I'll be back!!!


  1. I have already ordered this book and can hardly wait till it arrives. I shared your page. The pillow is out of this world!

  2. I have this book on my Amazon wishlist but I haven't bought it yet!
    Your cushion is amazing!

  3. Your pillow is amazing, love the colours. Book is on my wish list.

  4. Welcome back Eleni, I have missed you! I don't use much fb but now liked your page. You have found a great way to use fb! This pillow is so beautifu - thank you for sharing! Happy sewing! x Teje


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