Welcome Santa

Hello my blog friends!! 

I've been feeling more like Santa everyday that passes! Though I still miss the red uniform and the beard of course.  It's been a crazy month, and still is! Custom orders have been filling up my fabric shelves which makes me happier than ever.  

I've been asked to make pillow covers for boys, cute little pouches for little ladies, baby sets (bib-burp cloth), photo album sleeves with various themes, fabric dolls, Christmas bibs, baby fabric books! It's been crazy, but still so lovely to come back from work only to sew the most colorful handmade things ever!!! But let me show you what I mean! Please do grab a hot cup of chocolate cause this is going to be long!! :D

Little Red Riding hood

 An early Christmas gift for a friend who came to town!
A pillow for a little boy! love the little birdie detail on the ship's window!

 Baby's first books! Love Love Love!
Baby set for a boy! I was lucky to find pezzy prints and of course this new fabric line is to die for!

Christmas baby bibs! I'm Santa's favorite!!
Pillow for a newborn baby boy! it's me and my mama!so so sweet!

Photo album sleeve for a girl's Christening!
ooh!now it's Mr. Elly the little elephant:D

Photo album sleeve for a boy's Christening themed after Pirates!(I forgot to take a decent photo once done!!how silly of me-but I'm sure you get the point)

 There it is my major fear ZIPPERS.!! But it turned out really great considering it's my second time sewing a zipper.  Pencil case for a boy! Thanks noodlehead!!

Baby bib 

 Mr. Owl the brooch a gift to myself! love him!

Photo album sleeve for a girl's Christening themed after bears!
I just love the pom pom nose detail!
Pillow made by my mom (she's awesome!!!)for my little niece to match her lovely quilt!
Mr. Doggie a plush toy for a little guy!A-dorable!

Little Red Riding hood for a 2 year old girl! Love those leave-shaped pockets on her capelet!!

 Mrs. Daisy the school teacher-- Isn't she cute? I just love the glasses detail!! 

And Teddy of course Mrs. Daisy's friend a Beatles fan!Wearing his earphones listening to Beatles of course!His shirt has a yellow submarine applique! I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to take a decent photo of him so you can see better all those little adorable details! 
Our Christmas tree of course!

Alice posing in front of her Button wonderland. A gift to a friend at work! She's a huge Alice fan.! Perfect for her!

Work in progress part of the pillow I'm making for our couch!Which will probably be continued next year!!!
A baby set that includes my true love! Patchwork of course!

And finally all gift wrapped and ready to be delivered! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Wow!!This was long but I'm pretty sure that I've covered everything, after all it's been more than a month since my last post! Well, I'm off to sew a baby pillow, challenged again, cause they've already selected a theme! I'm not telling though! You'll see it pretty soon!

Have a great Sunday whatever you do!!


  1. Dear Eleni, just amazing! I'm happy that you are busy with your work and you have really made fantastic things! You are so talented with the cute baby things! I feel that I need to make a baby-book. I wish you wonderful December with sunshine! x Teje

  2. Oh my do I feel inefficient :)
    I can't believe how much stuff you've been making--and all so cute!!!!!
    I've been in a bit of a sewing rut--I finished up orders and cleared the junk from my stash--I don't feel like messing it all up, so I've been crocheting :)

  3. wow, all your projects are so wonderful. No wonder you feel like Santa, great job!!!

  4. All of these are just so wonderfully beautiful! You have been busy! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with Creative Me this week!

  5. oh wow, so many gorgeous things, I'm a bit overwhelmed! Love the little red, and the applique reindeer is so sweet

  6. I just found your blog (I' only a beginner sewer) and I have to say I really love these things that you've created! They all look wonderful & each item has something that just adds it's own touch of cuteness!


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