On the last day of the year

Well that's it guys! It's the last day of the year! and boy it's been an amazing year, a sad year, a troubled year. Full of new experiences, full of troubles, anxiety, hope, and dreams.  Dreams that came too late, but they're here to stay. 
Can I do this for a living? Is it too early? Well, it is and with the economical crisis of my country I'd have to admit that it's a dream not so realistic.  But I'll try.  This year was an "experiment" {i prefer to call it that, just cause I've never tried to sell anything in the past-so it's a new experience for me} that did paid off at the end.  
I know that my little etsy shop is not even nearly stocked as it was supposed to, but still I managed to get some sales going on.  Which means that some people really trusted my skills and went and placed some custom orders, like Heather in California with the two crib quilts she had ordered.  How awesome is that? Can you picture it? A lady from the US asked me just a plain girl from Greece to make her something that is so traditional for the Americans, me the Greek girl!I just can't get over it! I'm sorry it might sound silly to you, but for me it's everything. Now, I also know that my sales are really low, but still they are sales, and people outside etsy have trusted my insticts all this past year. So the "experiment" has positive results. but no positive comes without a negative..
 i kinda lost myself in the way in every aspect of my life. I became so self absorbed, not caring about anything else rather than my "experiment". And that's a mistake I won't allow myself to make next year.  During this "experiment" I found myself making comparisons, checking on copy cats and that dragged me so down.  It took all the positive energy out of me, leaving me to wonder if this matters at all. I won't allow myself to make the same mistake again.
I'll just focus on the positives, on learning new techiques {I've fallen in love with rubber stamp carving**haven't tried it yet, but as soon as my tools arrive, you'll be seeing a lot of it!}, on trying to get this blog to be an inspiration just like it was supposed to be.  I'm gonna try to find the girl that started this blog almost two years ago, that had the passion to learn new things, to embrace life. So I think I have my new year's resolution list all ready in my head.. now I just have to write it down..cause I'll might get lost again.

I'll see you all in 2013!!! Warm wishes everyone!!love you..


  1. Hello Eleni and what a wonderful post about your thoughts and ambitions and I applaud you on your effort in your crafty crative life, I is important to concentrate on your own projects and not to get distracted . I think it is awsome for someone from california to order quilts from you ,you should be proud. I wish you a wonderful and succesful new year full of creative insperation. I am also trying to get organized ,I am expecting my new mid arm machine in about 6-7 days to arrive I had to save and save for it and finally dreams do come true,I have also prepared a stamp label to use on the quilt and have found an ink that can be used of fabric so once I start quilting the quilts on the new machine they will have labels ready to be put on . I again extend to you an invitation to come and try out my machine . xoxo theodora

  2. Αγαπητή Ελένη μου σου εύχομαι το 2013 υγεία και ευτυχία!Με πολλές δημιουργίες και επιτυχίες! Πολλά φιλιά...

  3. I would like everyone to know what a wonderful person Eleni is and all the effort she makes to improve her life.I personally know her. I also lived in Greece but I got the chance to get away from the very hard life there and to come back to my country( France). Eleni deserves every support, every admiration from us. Her talent has been recognized by all of us and surely sales will go up. Eleni, I wish you a very happy new year and I send you all my love.


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