One day in the forest we decided to fly away and go to the circus....

Happy Sunday my lovelies:D
Things have been really hectic lately.  Life has been busier than ever.  I have been working, cutting,fusing, sewing like crazy. I'm in desperate need of a few days off of everything! If I had the time this would be my plan.  
First of all I'd get lost in a forest where I would surely meet Little Red Riding Hood and the Big bad wolf.  

After hanging out with my friends, I'd surely want to fly away for a while... and what a better way than flying with a hot air balloon..

At one point during our flight I might be lucky enough and see a circus.  You know, a vintage one, with it's red and white tent, and the cute little bunting in the roof of it. And if I got lucky enough, the tent door would be open and I'd could see inside.  
{circus pillow is still in WIP, but I was so anxious to show it to you! I think it's lovely, what do you think?}

Ohh well, I should probably stop day dreaming and get back to my sewing:D Fabric books are waiting for me to fill them with stories.

Happy Sunday whatever you're doing:D


  1. Omg you make the cutest things! Love it all!! xoxo

  2. Greetings, is this your sole blog or you personally run some others?


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