It's been a while...I know

It's been a while again since I've last posted something.  I find it truly difficult to log in when life gets seriously in the way.  But, I so wanted to share with you a few things that have been going on lately.
First things first!! A sweet little baby girl came into our world a few months ago, and my mom had asked me for a quilt for her.  Well, I think it was the most difficult pattern I've ever tried.  Curve piecing is so beautiful, but in real time sucks! It took me forever to finish it.  The result was beyond AMAZING, but only my heart, arms, shoulders, even fingertips knew what really meant.  Here, let me show you! I've even tried pebbles to quilt this one only to find out that it is the most time/thread consuming quilting pattern EVER.  

I really can't believe that I pulled this one off you guys! Honestly! For the back I've tried piecing again, for the first time, instead of plain print fabric.  I think she could now use it both ways.  I can't tell you how happy I felt, when they saw it and congratulated me for my work.  Lovely feeling! So, since my mom took care of the winter days for the baby, I decided to make her something that she could wear next summer.  Yes, planning ahead is something that comes naturally, but then procrastination kicks in and everything falls apart.   I made her a little tunic for her summer-y days, and used THE amazing fabric line Children at play.  My gosh, my hands were actually shaking when I was cutting it :(

A-dorable fabric line for an adorable baby girl.  And while I've made this tunic for her, I've been asked to make another one for a friend's baby girl who will be 12m next summer too.  They've asked for bright colors...I decided to take one step further, and use some applique pieces for the front.  It turned out too cute, with the polka dot fabric and those woodland animals. 

Haven't yet delivered this one, but hopefully they'll like it! Fingers crossed.

Now, for the next weeks, apart from day job and some crazy sewing to deliver some orders, I'm planning a little sewing room MAKE OVER.  Yes!! I'm finally getting myself a real sewing studio, with a big cutting table, and some nice shelves.  My dining room will be used again to dine, everything will get back in their proper place (hopefully, since I'm not the most organized person).  I've had this on my mind for such a long time, and now my parents agreed to help me out!!! Hhhhhhaaaappppyyyyy!!!!

It's gonna be a lot of fun!!! Wishing you all a Happy October (only two months before Christmas???were did this year go??).

Till later:D


  1. Wow, Eleni!!!!! You did a beautiful job on everything!!!!!

  2. The quilt is truly amazing. I'm so jealous of the sewing room, I'm still in the dinning room!

  3. Love it Eleni I have done pebbles once and yours are nicely done ,and the fabric for the tunic is so adorable I would be shaking also ,but you made it perfect with your excellent sewing skills .take care and stop by my blog when you have a little break.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that the quilts will be exhibited in Athens so you can see them and I will come with some quilt ladies so we can get together for some quilt chat I will let you know as soon as I find out the place and time. xoxo theodora

  5. What sweet things you've been creating! I love them all!


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