we need fabric yards and yards of fabric..

Hello lovelies!!
Finally Fall has made it's presence!!! I couldn't stand this heat a minute longer.  We heard on the news today that this weekend's gonna be rainy!! Who knew that I'd be happy about it! So.. now we return to them crappy darker photos since the day is so shorter! Have you noticed? Well, let's not complain! not just yet anyway!!
Lot's of things are happening these days.. Orders are coming and are being packed.  And fabric (yes!!!) is finally making cute stacks! I've made up my mind on the quilt that I've been telling you about (since I can't remember) for my own bed.  And Mr. Mailman has been kind enough to show up twice this month, with these sweet fabric bundles in his packages.  My love for this man, is seeeewwwwww deep! I can't even begin to describe it!whenever I see the little note that he leaves me, my heart is racing! I want to write him a love letter and tell him that I can't live without his little notes ;-).  

I've already cut into the first bundle making a cute baby-ish boy set (bib & kimono shoes).  My gosh this new fabric line from Heather Ross is TO DIE FOR!!! 

Now, the second bundle which is love at first sight, pure love, is for my own quilt! I've made up my mind on the pattern.  I'm gonna try triangling this time! I haven't done it before, but I think after all this curve piecing for a baby quilt I've been working on (peeps in a few days!!), it's not gonna be ssseeeewww hard!! These are my thoughts of course, correct me if I'm wrong! Now, all I have to do is to calculate how much background fabric I'll be needing (which feels like a little quantum physics), find the perfect shade of grey and of course start triangling!!!
Ohh!! did I tell you that a little elephant showed up in our house the other day!!?? He was seeking for a loving home, but since we already have a cat, I found him a new home where he'll be also loved:D 

oh well, I have so much to show you! but I do have to run back to my sewing machine! I just feel like a little busy bee!You'll have to stay tuned. 

we'll talk soon:D


  1. what a cute little elephant! Andthe fabrics are awesome. I believe that we all love the mailman!


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