Tuesday things I love {the getaway edition}

Happy Tuesday lovelies:D

This Tuesday things I love is dedicated mmmmm to nothing!! {sorry lovelies...}Cause this is the Tuesday where we get away! It's our one day vacation!!woot!!woot!!! It's a national holiday tomorrow in Greece, my parents are on their vacation, so we're taking advantage of their absence to have a relaxed day outside Athens.  
We have prepared everything, and today Mr. H. is picking me up after work and off we go.  We've packed everything (hehehehe for one day!!!hilarious!!), I've got my quilt with me so I can hand sew the binding on the back, I've got my scissor, thread, quilting needles (thank you Amy:D), my new thimble (which I have to get used of at some point!)!! I've got my camera, so maybe I can take some decent pics... like in the garden, or on the balcony with some nice view behind the quilt!! hopefully, it wont' be cloudy! and now that I'm thinking of that I'm sure it will!!  We have our swimsuits with us for our first swim!  We're gonna relax on the balcony tonight, it's gonna be quieter, and cooler, we're gonna make pesto potatoes & eggs (already tried this recipe! and it rocks!!), we're gonna listen to my latest obsession the soundtrack of the movie 500 days of summer {really loved the movie} ohhh I can't wait!!
So, for now, I'm leaving you with a few peeps of work in progress:D 

Till later :D


  1. Oh sweet Eleni I wish you had a nice long enjoyable day ,and also hope you had enough time to do all of the things you wanted. take care theodora


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