Hurry!!!It's giveaway time!!!

Hello there lovelies!!

I do hope that your weekend was creative as mine and at least not that HOT!!! My Gosh this heat is nerve breaking!! And when you live in a country where the nearest beach is 40 klm away but you still can't reach it... (cause maybe you haven't gotten your paycheck yet... that is EVEN more nerve breaking).

But anyhooooo!!! Despite the heat I managed to finish what I had in my mind for so long!! I wanted to thank you once again for all your support, and the best way to show it would be with a GIVEAWAY!!!! Yep!! I'm hosting a facebook giveaway this time!!! 

I've made an amazing chevron style patchwork clutch featuring all my favorite fabric lines!!! The most perfect accessory for your summer nights out.  

Hopefully you'll like what I've prepared for you and you'll head over at my page on facebook and participate :D 
This giveaway will be open till August 10th, and of course it's open for international entries too!!

So what are you waiting for? Head over at sewhappiness giveaway page!!! 


  1. Hi Eleni! I'm so happy to hear from you! It is really too hot and it's not yet even August! How far are you from the beach? I need 10 min. by car but no time or energy for the beach. I spend my free moments at home with AC.
    You have made so perfect and beautiful bag! Unfortunately my fb page is locked (no one knows how) and I can't log in or even make any changes to my page or delate it.
    I wish you happy rest of the summer! x Teje

  2. adorable, and I love the size of it.

  3. That is very pretty ,you are so creative ,I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago on the quilt con. that will take place in Thessaloniki on Sept 13th hope you will have time to attend.

  4. I love it! The fabrics are gorgeous, and it's so perfectly made :)


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