Fabric Fridays

Hello there lovelies!!

I know I know!! It's been ages since my last post but sewww many things have been going on that kept me from the blog land!! I probably must have missed a lot but I'll try to catch up with you guys!!

Seww!!!! I'll be posting soon about my makes these past two months!! I had some major projects going on! For now, I just wanted  to introduce something totally new!! Fabric Fridays!! We all love fabrics right? And we all share the same passion Fabric Hoarding!! You'll probably think by now that we have Pinterest boards for that! And to tell you the truth you'll have 100% right! BUT!! there's a huge difference! Although I love Pinterest, (here's a link for you, though I truly doubt that you don't know it) I find it so impersonal, here we could have a chit chat, we could share our thoughts, exchange opinions on what fabrics to use for a specific project!! That kind of stuff, you know!! 

Anyways, it's still Christmas in July!! Have you taken advantage of these amazing fabric lines that have been appearing everywhere these past weeks?

Sheri Berry Designs, Alpine Wonderland

Cosmo Cricket, Dear Mr. Clause

Creative Thursday, Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Brrr! Laurie Wisbrun

How much more cuter could these Christmas lines be, right?? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Cute Christmas-y quilted wall hangings? Stockings? Runners? pillows? baby quilts? btw have I showed you one of my favorite baby quilts with my favorite fabric line? I'm pretty sure that you must have seen it too!! I've discovered it in Jolene's lovely blog! Ohhhh!! it was love at first sight!! A sight for sore eyes! I could keep on making up clich├ęs but it's a brr!! triangle love I tell you!!

brr!!!triangle quilt
Well I'm off for now, have to finish a project I've been working on.  It's a bag designed by me!! Yep!! you heard me!! all those miles of thread, of sewing and wripping have finally paid off!! Soon there will be peeps!!

Wishing you a happy {hopefully less hot for Athens} creative weekend!!!

p.s. by the way what have you been working on these days?? 

p.s.2 It feels good to come home :D