Love is patient!! Love is kind!!!

It feels like it's been ages since my last post! (which truthfully is!) I can't tell you how sad it makes me feel that I can't make up the time to post more often!! Life has seriously gotten over my way!   It's been a crazy month, many orders to complete "yesterday" {if you know what I mean} and too many hours of slave work during the day!! I can't tell you how exhausted I feel! Seriously!!

All this time I kept saying to myself that..Love is patient!! And when you love something this much you learn somehow to be patient! (something which is the exact opposite of me)!! But when you do learn this..good things happen!! Like orders from people that you don't know for a baby quilt! (Couldn't be prouder of myself)!! And when this happens! You do whatever best you can to please them right? You stay in front of your computer for hours searching for the best color combination or print! for the best fabrics available! You get the help of loving cousins who are willing to send you batting that doesn't exist in Greece (or if it does you have to buy a whole bolt or something! are we crazy??) And when you finally sit down on your sewing machine then .... 

And when you finally finish it, a friend comes over and you show them the quilt top and they burst into happy tears! How lovely is that to be able to reach to others like that? 

And after you wash it and deliver it to your customer, then real magic happens!! You try to understand if she likes it or not! but her face expression really tells it all!! That's when Love is kind !!! 

I wish I could post more, but I do have to continue working on a bag for my bf!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of creativity!!!


  1. Your quilts are so fun and delightful!!!!! I hope life backs off a bit so you can post more :)


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