On a great Sunday!!

Finally a Sunday that felt like months before!! Inspiration is all around me and all I need is a few more hours in the day to make things! I've told you before that I haven't been feeling very inspired these past few months, but this weekend was different! Ideas and are floating in my head!! Oh how I've missed that feeling:D

Wouldn't this adorable illustration from Wawa make an amazing pillow? I'm not sure yet how, but I'm gonna give it a try!!
On a whole other note, I have so many projects that are still in progress I'd like to share with you!! First thing, another quilt, yes! A good friend has given birth to a little sweet girl, and I thought that the most appropriate gift would be a little quilt.  It's still though in a very early state, but you'll get the feeling! I'm sure! I've chosen the most cute/adorable fabrics for this little one and the most amazing for the backing!! Here, let me show you:D

The pattern for this sweetie is in this book with the most adorable makes.  

And while speaking of great books, I've finished today a project from the book Fanciful Felties.  I've gotten it months ago, but all projects seemed really intimidating! My embroidery skills haven't progressed much but I did my best, honestly!! And I just love how they've turned out! Meet Mr. Murray and Mrs. Mona a cute couple, all dressed up to go to a fancy restaurant :)

Mr. Murray is a lot smaller, but I keep saying to myself that Mrs. Mona is in really big heels :D hehehe!! Aren't they adorable? I just love the feeling of making something finally just for our home!! It's been AGES since I've made sth just for us! 

On to other makes... I can't show you much yet, it's a secret..but a few peeps won't hurt anyone! This little book, will be travelling to UK in the next days to her new owner little Elly! Aand this little bunny...and these adorable kimono shoes!! I keep my fingers crossed that she will love them!! One thing is for sure, they were made with lots and lots of love!!

pattern from Retro Mama

I've also made another effort in needle felting! Much better this time though:D I have a colleague who's driving me to work everyday! I told her that we should share the gas cost, but she denied it! So I've decided to make her something and since it's been her birthday last week, I thought I should make her something for her car.

Isn't he adorable or what? I've pinched my fingers so many times for this little guy, but it was ssoooo worth it! I really enjoy this craft, I wish I had more time to make cute felt stuff!! Like a whole day maybe??hheheh!! It took me 3 hours to make this owlette who is no bigger than a small egg!!! Dahh!! I know know practice makes perfect!!!

And speaking of pinched/soar fingers... when you want to make a project like this one!!! try to keep in mind to always have a spare thimble! I keep saying this but I never do!! I always always misplace it, and when I least need it, it's in front of me! Isn't this annoying? But surely these flats..are NOT!!! I'm so in love with my new Spring Shoes you guys:D

So that's all for now.. I have so many things I've found that I want to share with you!!But it's late..and tomorrow I have to get up early:D

Hope we have a great week!! oohh!! AND HAPPY EASTER  !!!