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Hello my lovely bloggies!!! 

Hope your weekend was as good and relaxing as mine!! To tell you the truth I've spent most of it just slacking, watching Jamie's Oliver food revolution, cooking, and my Sunday so far searching for fabrics for the quilt I was telling you on my previous post.  I've already spoken with my cuz..I haven't showed her the pattern just yet.. Just wanted to refresh my memory on the colors in her living room, since this will be a nice throw quilt for her sofa.

If you don't remember...let me just show you this awesomeness one more time!!! :D ooooohhh!!! I'm dying .......!!! from anxiety to get my hands on it!!!

Anyways... color of her sofa is a green-greyish shade, I'm not sure there is a real name for this,  it's not grey but not green either.  Pillows on the sofa are really light peach.  Furniture are dark wenge shaded and walls are (here comes the best part) orange and purple-blue!!! Trust me I've seen it and they actually are pretty well combined!!! :D

I've made two versions (with not many major differences between them) of collages to see what I'll be ordering. So here's is the first version. I love it's warm, richer colors, and I actually   think that greens are showing more in this combination.

 And here's the second one, which is also in the same color combo... almost!! Lighter shades in general, and more pink showing off, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've spent too many hours staring at fabrics...and I might be slightly color blinded by now!!!

If you ask me, I'd go with the first combination!! But I do trust your taste and would so like to have your opinion.  And there's always the matter of binding!!! But that's a whole new other topic..and I've got a major headache coming on!! So, no binding pics today!!

I can't wait to see which one you'd pick:D

Have a great week guys!!!


  1. i 'd go with the first one as well! It looks more fun with the brighter colors and all!

  2. The first one grabbed my attention. The 2nd one just didn't have the same grab factor. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

  3. Hi Eleni! Nice to soo you after our busy Christmas time! That quilt is going to be really wonderful! For me it's always very difficult to choose and both of your bundles are great! As they are, I would go with the first one. I like that there are some stronger colours too. Have a wonderful week and keep warm! Here is so strong wind and coooold!
    x Teje

  4. My instinct is for the second so you should go with the first - as my instincts often lead to horrible messes :) But I do like the first one too :)

  5. I like the first one better. The fabrics seemed more gender neutral but were still great fabrics. It's going to be a great quilt when you get it all done :)

  6. The first one is rather bold for me, and if you say that there are already some bold colors on the walls I would go with the second one, which is not that pink in my eyes... Have a great day :)

  7. Eleni, I really like them both but the first one better :o) Either is really beautiful...I am no help at all,LOL!

  8. The first one is more attractive

  9. Both are very very beautiful!! :)) the first one grabs your attention more, indeed, but the second one would make a nice antithesis also, and I love the flower patterns!!

  10. Although the second one could be better because it would tone down the "noise" from the intense wall, I' d go with the first one, because the colors in it are more coherent. The second, even though it has prettier colors if taken individually, in my opinion they don' t result in a unique layout.

  11. Hello Eleni I like both of them really ,there isn't much in fabrics that I dislike, both combinations will bring color to her sofa.


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