The return of creativity!!!

Hello my lovely blog friends!

Can you believe that it's almost two weeks or three?? since my last post!! All this time passed with endless hours in front of fabricworm and super buzzy trying to pick up some new fabric and find the best deals..(my stash is running really low), finishing (last minute as always) some custom orders, and my latest obsession photoshop!!! I've been watching video tuts like crazy the past few days!! 

First of all (but I think you've noticed) new header, AGAIN!!! I really loved the winter-y one, but I believe it was more Christmas-y I changed it once again...and I love it!! What do you think? Like it? Do you think it's toooo dark? Am I obsessing??

Anyways.. on to our stuff!! I think that 2012 will be the year of quilting!! The fabric bundle I've shown you in my previous post is on it's way!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! And of course I can't describe you how intimidated I feel with all these curve piecing that is involved!!! { I think I'll be needing your help on this more than ever}. I'm not so sure that I'll pull this one off!! I've been itching to get a curve master foot, but I didn't after all, I'm gonna do my best and we'll see how it turns out!! I'm also gonna start working on a TOP SECRET project!! I'll post all about it in the next few months!! Last but not least, I have to pick up at SOME POINT this year my UFO-Love's frosty quilt

On another note, I've been working on a few custom orders these past few weeks...but let me just show you what I've been up to!!

A friend had asked for a fall leaves pillow, but colors should match this time little Red Riding Hood pillow.  When I started working on the herringbone block, I made a mistake, miscalculated and ended up with a 12,5'' block which I couldn't of course use to make the leaves shape!! But I didn't rip it.. I thought it would be of good use for another project!! Leaves turned out to be quite we have now the Happy Leaves pillow!! Isn't it cute? 

 Also, I've been asked to make a set of bibs for twins (boy and girl)! I love the mustache one soooo much!! And when I uploaded them on fb yesterday, my cuz suggested that the girly one should have red lips appliqued!! Isn't it the cutest idea ever? 
The fly away pillow, now what can I say? Each time I make this, it gets better and better!! Sweet Lesley described it as a dream.. my thoughts exactly!! <3<3

The 12.5'' herringbone block that I didn't rip, I used it to make my first ipad sleeve cover! This is my first attempt..but I'm pretty sure that we'll be seeing more of it in the days to come! It's far from perfect, since it's all crooked..but fits my little ipad perfectly:D

Last but not least..I know what I'm about to show you involves a really disgusting habit (which I'm trying to get rid off-and it's part of my new year's resolution list). But I'm proud of myself for making my own pattern for a tobacco pouch!! Well, yep I admit I'm a heavy smoker, and I've chosen this year to get rid of cigarettes and start rolling so I can sometime manage to quit this awful habit!!! Anyways.. I think it's the happiest tobacco pouch ever!! Don't you think?  

Well, this is what happens when I don't post often!! We end up with a very looonnngg post!! And there are so many things I want to share with you..but I promise I'll be posting more!! Another part of my new Year's resolution list!!

I'm off to work!! I hope you have a great day:D


  1. That fly away pillow is adorable!

  2. I really want to wear that headliner of yours! Its romantic and old fashioned in a very modern way, its intense and yet fragile and there is nothing misadventurous about it!
    p.s. I am going to start rolling

  3. That pillow is just AWESOME! I love how you made it and it is so cool!

    Love for you to share this at JAQS Studio Linky Party:

  4. Love that Fly-Away pillow - pinned it for when I get brave enough to try so many (so small!) appliques!

  5. Hi :) - thank you so much for sharing with JAQS Studio's Linky Party. You were featured today :)!

  6. Awesome things! I'm glad I found you!


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