It's gonna be a sew happy year!!

Hello, hello!!!hello!!!!!

How are you? I hope you had the best time ever!!! I'm still trying to get over the fact that I must have gained at least 2-4 Kgs the last couple of weeks!!! the only way I know best!!! by just watching Jamie Oliver's food revolution/recipes..and trying of course to convince myself {yet another year} that I should change my eating habits... as a part of New Year's resolutions..etc.etc...etc... fact which will probably fade away...mmmm... by March?? 

Anyways, I have seeewww many news I want to share with you!! Remember in my last post I told you that I might be losing my job?? Well, it looks like that for the time being I'm not!! but we'll see how things are going in the next couple of months..

Second, my colorful fabric books and plushies were featured in kid-a which is a cute Greek blog about kids and babies!!! I couldn't be happier!! And of course could not believe when Haritini contacted me and asked me for some pics...which were of course horrible!!! But hopefully for this matter Mr. Santa....eeemmm!! Mr. H. I meant has taken good care of me and gave me for Christmas a new digital I can be able to take more decent pictures!!!fingers crossed and all!!!

I couldn't be happier also when I  found out the other day that my friend Sarah , is launching in fact today on her amazing blog a new series of sewing tutorials for beginners!!! Well, I still consider myself a beginner, cause I'm pretty sure that I'll have many new things to learn!! Can't wait to check out the tuts!!! 

I've also finally made up my mind on what to make for my newly wed cousin!!! I was in search of throw quilts for her sofa...when I came upon this!!

The moment I set my eyes on it, my heart stopped for a moment...I knew it was love at first sight!! I just love the mod/retro feeling of it!! In fact I want one for our home too!!! Hopefully my little cuz will love it too!! 
Christina, who's behind the sometimes Crafter has put together an amazing pattern on this wonderful quilt!! Now, I know that I'll be swimming or drowning better, in deep water with this one.. since it involves curve piecing!! But I thought that I should be more daring this year!! Now, all I have to do is find the perfect fabric bundle!!! But you'll help me on that, won't you?

I forgot to upload the other day..a baby-ish set a guy (yes!!yes!! I know, a guy!) had ordered for his friend's baby boy!! He asked for a specific theme for Jason's set...something blue...and this is what I came up with!!

This little set is going to travel all the way to Germany to be with Jason!! Isn't it amazing? George (the guy who ordered this) was more than pleased with the result!! Couldn't be happier I'm telling you!! And soon a customized "fly away" cushion cover will be travelling all the way to England!! but I'll be posting about it in the next days!! I'm bursting with excitement!! 

Well, I think it's a wrap for today!! A three day weekend starts tomorrow, which means more free time for some happy sewing!! It's gonna be a sew happy year!!!


  1. Happy sew year! Amazing work! :) Happy to have found you through kid-a!

  2. LOVE that quilt and the "guy" set is just adorable!


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