A bliss-ful weekend!!!

Helloooooo my lovely blog friends:D

I know that I've missed so many things the last week (and maybe more than one week I think) but I promise I'll catch up in no time!! oohhh!!! I'm sew excited!!! I can't wait to share with you pics from the fair!! I don't know where to start!! Grab your coffee..cause this is gonna be long!!!!!

A word of advise (before I forget it!!! my mind's lost these days), if you haven't participated yet in a fair!!! Please, please, please!!! overcome any worries or hesitations and go ahead and jump right in!!! You'll find that it's a blissful experience!! Not only you get to meet so many fellow crafters who share the same passion with you (fact which is awesome!!) but you also get to evaluate your creations and learn new things about your indie business!! I'm still trying to figure things out but overall I can't describe how happy I am with the outcome of these 3 days!! 

Anywaysss... on to the fair stuff!! I had 3 major groups of cuties prepared.  Christmas decorations, baby stuff, plushies and pillows (of course there would be pillows)..but let me show you what I mean!

See that cute scalloped bunting? It took me a whole day to make it!!! ugghh!!! If you'd like to make one for Christmas (wouldn't it be ssseeewww cute??!!) go ahead and make one here.

 And here is Fish Chris showing off the neck warmer we had with us at the fair!! Honestly!!! if it weren't for Fish Chris there would be no SELL OUT!!! 

I also tried for the first time a patchwork embroidered hoop (perfect for a nursery!! I thought!!! NOT!!!) Now, it's hanging with another cute hoop on Chryssa's wall!! Chryssa is a fellow blogger/sewer/crafter from Athens, who makes cute clutches and THE cutest ever couples in love!!! Go ahead and check her blog out here and her work here.

I've also made a couple of embroidered pendants this time!! I just love trying out new things!! Don't you?

Remember I told you a long time ago that I loved this pillow, and that I would make one?? Well I couldn't resist!!! 

I could go on for ever uploading photos of my booth...but life does go on!!! And orders are waiting up!!!;)and I have to leave for my day job..uuggghhh!!!

But, before I close this post, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Mr. H. who bared with me these past few weeks, my mom and dad who supported me, and of course FISH CHRIS for being there all this time, who didn't stop for a minute to encourage me even though she was as tired as me!!!

I'm wishing you all a great/creative day!!!  


  1. Your booth looks amazing!! I'm glad you had a great, successful experience at the fair! I knew you would!! I'm still working on your goodies. They'll be in the mail soon :-)

  2. Awww, I love the patchwork embroidered hoop!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. p.s. ....maaaaan I look old!hahahaha!I guess mature can be charming right?ahahaha!

  4. I can tell you I would have spent a LOT of money at your booth! What sweetness!!!!!!!

  5. Τέλεια όλα! Έμαθα ότι τα πήγες πολύ καλά και χάρηκα πολύ! Μακάρι να βρεθούμε και από κοντά!

  6. Your booth looks like it was great, you had a great display of your items :) I'm glad that all of your hard worked payed off and that you had fun!


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