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Hello my lovely blog friends:D

The craft fair is only two weeks away!!! I'm going crazy anxious!! I have so many things I want to make and sew little time!!! I'd love if you could share any tips if you have participated in a fair before!! 

Anyways, the other day me and Chris (Mr. H's sister) were at my cousin's delivering a baby fabric book!!oohh!! I forgot to post pics of this little !!! give me one minute to find them!!:D

Good quality photos (thanks cousin:D) can show seewwww many mistakes!!! but it's adorable anyway!! what do you think?

We had with us the pinafore dress we had prepared some time ago.  We were in desperate need of a model, and whooooo would be more appropriate than Love? (my cousin's daughter)!!! We took a couple of pics to show you how the dress fits!!

Well, to tell you the truth we're not completely satisfied with it, it definitely needs many many many corrections!! Don't you think? But she looks so cute in it!! 

Apart from the craft fair I've been working on custom orders!!! Have I told you that both my etsy pillows {not throught etsy though}have been sold?? Yes!!! I'm so proud:D I've been working on another {waiting for the rain pillow} and I'm now in wip mode for another a flight in the mountains pillow.  

I did change the back side this time, and added a cute rainy cloud this time, cause rain is coming!!! 

I've also have a baby set (bib/kimono/fly away pillow) order to prepare. I'm half way through, which means that bib and kimono shoes are ready!! Have to start on the pillow at some point!!

Honestly guys!! can someone tell me how to make this shoes bigger like for myself? I'm in love!!!

And last but not least I'm preparing another Christmas-y pillow for the fair, like this one. I'm still in the quilting process, but I wanted to share it with you anyways!!!

I decided to go with the medium size which means I have to go buy myself an 18 1/2'' pillow form!! It's gonna be grande!!! 

Weeelll, that's all for now!! I still have three hours to leave for work!! Maybe I'll be able to finish it this morning!! I'm off to sew some more:D

Have a great day!!!


  1. Wow. So many cute things. That book is adorable!

  2. very beautilul book. sweet baby!

  3. So many lovely things. I'm with you I love those Kimono Shoes have just cut some out for my new Grandson to match a romper suit i have made him

  4. The fabric book is so darn cute!! When you figure out how to enlarge the Kimono boots, make some for me too! They are fantastic!

  5. the book is SO cute and i don't see any mistakes it looks awesome! that little pinafore is a adorable and so is the little model ;) you make alot of cute stuff! I'm a new follower and i'd love if you followed me back!


  6. Someone's been busy!!! You must be putting in a ton of hours to get all that done! Cute stuff! And cute baby too :)

  7. Hi Eleni! That baby book is just adorable! Good luck for the craft fair!
    xxx Teje

  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE...did I mention CUTE!!!!!!

  9. I didn't see any mistakes in the book, it looked totally great! The little dress and the baby are both adorable! As for enlarging the shoes: I don't know what the pattern is but you could do a few things with it, if you have a scanner you can enlarge it until it fits your foot, if not you can try printing it larger, if neither of those work for you I'd say measure your foot and then re-draw the pattern to fit you or just trace around the pattern until it's big enough :) You can also do it by printing out the pattern pieces and then cutting them in half and adding in the length/width does that make sense? Like take the top foot piece and cut it in half from top to bottom add in the width and then cut it the other way to add in the length.

  10. You could have writen 5 different posts, instead of one. Such creativity! Wow!

  11. Love, love that fabric book! And the dress is way cute!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share girl!


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