It's the season to hoot!!!!

hellooooooo !!!!

I'm still here in case you were wondering!! I'd love to be on vacations let's say but that's just daydreaming again!! Well, lot's of things have happened since.... last Thursday??? omg!!! it's been that long without a single post!!!???

Anyways,!!! First things first!!! Guess who turned 364 eeeemmmm 36 last Saturday??

Mr. H. brought me my cake but he made a minor mistake with the candles!! to tell you the truth I was in a HUGE depression mood last Saturday, and I wouldn't mind blowing out 364 candles ( cause this is how old I was feeling at that time)!! But now a week later I'm so over it!! And I keep telling myself that 36 is gonna be great and most of all a lot more creative!!!

It's been as usual a hectic week!! I hate repeating myself but it was!! I'm now working 10 hours every day at my day job, so this leaves me so much less time for creativity!! But I'm trying to manage everything!! Custom orders are coming in for pillows and baby books!! And I had to turn one down!! Can you believe it? I'm so embarrassed about this but there would be no way to deliver it on time!! 

I've been working on a new pillow for the craft fair!! I was inspired by a lovely sewing tape I had ordered some time ago, and of course by the movie I saw last April {was it? I can't exactly remember}. So, here it is, Little Red Riding Hood!!

It turned out so lovely!!and the back side with this cute linen is absolutely adorable!!!and and look at those cute wooden leaves buttons!!! aren't they to die for or what?? I just love all this zakka cuties!

I've been working on some Christmas ornaments too!!! like these patchwork tree ornaments!! and I've been also trying new things like this little cute snowman {free pattern from Annie Oakleave }

I've also been working on some plush toys for the fair. I think you must have seen Mr. Rudy in my previous post !! 

But you haven't met his little friend yet:D

Isn't it the cutest owl ever? I love it's stripped cute legs sseeewww much!!!

I've also had my first Christmas order by my cousin {Love's mom}!! She wanted Mr. Rudy for Love {and he should look rather Christmas-y}!! I'm still working on it, but I couldn't not share it with you:D Here's Mr. Rudy for Love's first Christmas!!!!

And last but not least! I just finished the most adorable, cute, amazing quilted bib with real SNAPS {instead of sewn on snaps}, I've ever made!!! Meet the gang bib!!! Isn't it absolutely adorable or what?

Well, I still have huge amount of stuff to prepare for the craft fair, and I'm so behind!! Well I'm off to my sewing world!!

I'm wishing everyone a great/creative week:D And don't forget!!!

It's the season to hoot!!!

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  1. Oh wow! You HAVE been busy!! My sewing is winding down for the year. I'm working on my next to the last project (for sewing, anyways). I don't like to bog myself down too close to Christmas with orders so I stop taking them beginning of November so I can catch up. But I've got some cute felt and embroidery ideas I want to play around with. I'm so excited to get to those--and I think my sewing machine is tired of me :)

  2. the little red riding hood pillow is precious!!! You are very talented!

  3. I love all the thinks you make. I love the cushion and I love very much the little owl. You really inspire me!

    Any way, congrats for your birthday!

    I made 30 this year, and was kind of know, change from 20th to 30th...uf... who does not hates to make one more year!

  4. Lots of cuteness! Especially love Mr. Owl! Very fun.

  5. Adorable! Love the owl! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  6. I am loving these!! So many cute ornaments. Loving your blog and definitely following! Would love it you would stop by and share this at my linky party :)

    Also, PRETTY PLEASE check out Random Acts of Kindness Week going on right now!! Would love to see you be a part of it!

  7. These are adorable! I'd love for you to link up at my party Stitch n' Niche Saturdays:

  8. Great work!
    Thanks again for sharing with us at Show & Share!


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